AB2348-AccessToBirthControl-Web.gifPlease email your Assemblymember today in support of the Access to Birth Control Bill – AB 2348!

Why is Planned Parenthood sponsoring AB 2348?

  • Access to birth control is essential! AB 2348 would increase access to birth control. It makes sense in today’s world given the safety and wide use of birth control.
  • California has a large unmet need for publicly funded family planning services – in some counties as high as 50 percent.

Woman.jpgHealth organizations like Planned Parenthood, the California Family Health Council, American Nurses Association- California, and Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health all support AB 2348 because it’s common sense legislation.

Ensuring women have timely access to birth control prevents unintended pregnancies and creates better health outcomes.

Take action TODAY to contact your Assemblymember about the importance of supporting AB 2348.

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Please SUPPORT AB 2348 (Mitchell) to address serious birth control access problems in CA!

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As a Planned Parenthood supporter, I urge you to support the Access to Birth Control Bill - AB 2348 (Mitchell). As the rest of the nation moves to restrict reproductive health care, I am counting on you to stand up as a leader for women's health and increase access to contraception!

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