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Parkinson's Champions - 2024 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

Team ParkinRuns

Hi friends!! Exciting news! Our team has the amazing opportunity to run the United Airlines NYC Half as part of the Parkinson’s Champions team. Together, we're aiming to raise crucial funds to support the millions of Americans affected by Parkinson’s, including our own loved ones.

For those who are new to our journey, Dave Fricano was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2017. Unfortunately, he is one of an estimated one million individuals currently living with PD in the United States. Current research suggests a new diagnosis is made every 6 minutes. With no current cure, we're determined to change that. We're here until Parkinson’s isn’t.

This year, as part of the incredible ParkinRUNS team, we (Ripley, Ben, Caroline, and Abby) have committed to raising a total of $7000 (or more!!) by race day, March 17, 2024, for the Parkinson's Foundation. This organization works tirelessly to improve care and advance research toward finding a cure. We'd love for you to join us!

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Team ParkinRuns
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