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All Aboard Our Union City A Train!

If you are a returning team member or supporter, thank you for joining our support for the great work of the Parkinson’s Foundation on the multiple fronts by which we advance on this disease.

If you are brand new to Moving Day, welcome to our Moving Day family. Last year, in spite of lock-down and cancellation of our amazing Moving Day Walks to raise funds to realize our efforts, the undaunted staff of the Parkinson’s Foundation encouraged us not to lose heart and put together a rousing virtual Moving Day. We just had to reach, move and learn from inside our personal home shelters. This year’s Moving Day, hopefully “virtual” for the last time, promises to be an amazing recreation of our footsteps during those times when we actually had walking paths, grass and tents! Your curiosity alone should make you want to sign up!

Nevertheless the Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day, the Union City Mark Green Sports Center and Team All Aboard Our Union City A Train have worked to make a difference as you can see for yourselves on a highly entertaining two part series produced and directed by Robert Magnabua, which captures  the collaboration between Union City and the Parkinson's  Foundation Moving Day. 

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Co-Captains Rob Magnabua  and Ann Boylan on behalf of Team

 All Aboard Our Union City  A Train!    

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Moving Day San Jose

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