Moving Day DC

Sue's Crew

Welcome to Sue's Crew!!  We're putting Parkinson's on the RUN!

Join us for Moving Day DC on May 4, 2024.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in late 2021 came as quite a shock. I had developed a tremor in my right leg that had become quite regular and a very minor tremor in my right hand. It had also become rather difficult to write and my handwriting had gotten much smaller and harder to read. I had just turned 50 so it was no surprise that I wasn’t as healthy as I had been when I was younger. But this was odd. It wasn’t at all expected. And it was a lot to absorb when I got the diagnosis. Particularly because the doctor could not tell me what having Parkinson’s would mean for me. I’m sure this will come as a surprise to many of you (OK, maybe not!) the loss of control, the lack of knowing what life would look like—that’s probably been the hardest part for me.

Research is key for Parkinson's Disease. It's cause(s) are still not known. Symptoms differ in different people. Treatment options are growing, but they just treat the symptoms. Currently, there are no cures, no means to prevent it, and no way to slow it down. Hence, raising funds for research is critical. Funding also supports community programs for people with Parkinson's and development of educational and informational materials about Parkinson's.

Now that I am a couple of years into my diagnosis, I am fortunate that my symptoms are still very manageable. Yes, I take medication daily. And see my doctors regularly (very grateful for excellent healthcare coverage and good doctors!). I also try to manage my stress (OK, so that’s probably a bit laughable—but laughter’s a good way to manage stress!). I do a much better job making time for sleep. And I focus on getting exercise on a regular basis—usually by walking.

For that reason in particular, I’m so glad to have you joining Scott and me for Moving Day, and for supporting us from wherever you are! Thanks for being part of Sue’s Crew. We know we’ve got a long journey ahead, but we definitely look forward to Putting Parkinson’s on the RUN!!

P.S.  Moving Day has a 2 mile walk, a 1 mile walk and other activities--no running needed for the day!

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Moving Day DC

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