Moving Day Chicago

Keith, Laura, Colleen & Jenny thank you for your support!
Keith, Laura, Colleen & Jenny thank you for your support!

Laura's Posse

Welcome to Laura's Posse Moving Day® Team Page!

Laura was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2014. She bravely confronts the challenges of PD on a daily basis. The past several years have been difficult for her. Thankfully she qualified for & underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (DBS) at the University of Chicago in June. We are still in the post-surgery adjustment period but she has seen a marked improvement for which we are very grateful & hope that it continues. The quality of life impact as a result of DBS is due in part to the great work of the Parkinson Foundation.

In the United States, 50,000-60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) are diagnosed each year, adding to the one million people who currently have PD.

Please consider donating to one of our team members or join the team to help in fundraising efforts. The Parkinson’s Foundation local Moving Day walk is the first nationwide grassroots campaign that spotlights the disease on a national level and gives the chance to raise awareness and funds in our own community. Your support will help us continue improving the quality of care for those living with Parkinson’s disease.
– To donate or visit a team members personal page please select from the ‘Team Roster’ list at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the Parkinson’s Foundation.

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Moving Day Chicago

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