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Friends and Family,

Ida Huber and Naomi Estolas are the WAVES OF HOPE co-captains.  Both Naomi and Ida are PWPs (people with Parkinson's). Parkinson's is a degenerative disease with no cure. The disease has changed our lives.  We don't dwell on the things we can't do, instead we focus on what we can do to live a positive life now in the present and always do the best we can. Ida and Naomi are both active in raising awareness, helping other PWPs find resources, activities, and support in their local communities. Ida lives in Santa Cruz County, and Naomi lives in Monterey County.  

We have joined forces to help raise awareness and get support for the END PARKINSON's ACT which is a bill we hope to get passed in congress. The House of Representatives has recently passed the bill in December 2023. If the bill is passed in congress, there will be more support on a national level to help find medications to cure or at least slow down the progression. It will also help with resources and support with excessive drug costs for PWPs and their families. The passing of this bill will bring HOPE to our generation and future generations to come. The Senate has not passed the bill.  YOU can help by sending a letter to your state senators asking them to support and pass the bill.

Please join/donate to the WAVES OF HOPE team. Never give up & always have HOPE - HOPE for a cure to end parkinson's once and for all. The beautiful waves along the central gives us HOPE - WAVES OF HOPE!

Join us the fight to beat Parkinson’s Disease!  Whether you register to join our team or donate, or both, you’re helping us make life better for the one million people with Parkinson’s and the nearly 90,000 more that will be diagnosed this year. Your support is crucial in helping the Parkinson’s Foundation fulfill its commitment to finding a cure and enhancing the quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s today.

Thank you for supporting our team and the vital work of the Parkinson’s Foundation!

For more information, please visit websites:
- Santa Cruz -
- Monterey - MPSG Monterey Parkinson's Support Group -
- Monterey - POP Power Over Parkinson's -

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Moving Day San Jose

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