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Participant Center Quick Guides

How to Send an Email


How to Edit Personal Page


How to Edit Team Page


How to create a group


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What is the 'Participant Center'?


When you register for a Moving Day® walk you are automatically given access to the 'Participant Center', a personal online fundraising center that contains great tools to help you reach your goal!


The Power of the Participant Center


-Personal Fundraising Pages-



Once you register for a walk an online personal fundraising page is automatically generated for you. If you are the captain of a team that has been registered you will also have access to a team page for that team. The content of these pages contains standard event details and NPF information. From your Participant Center you can personalize the page content to tell a story, let people know why you are doing Moving Day, ask family and friends for support and add a photo or video.


                             To learn how to edit your personal page, click here

                             To learn how to edit your team page, click here.


-Email Tools-


1400228937_mail_setting.pngYou can send emails to your friends and family from the center. There are email templates provided to help you get started with recruiting team members, asking for donations, thanking donors and new team members. The templates make it quick and easy to send an email to friends and family. You can individually input email addresses or upload a contact email list into your center (this contact info remains private to you in your center).


                       To learn how to send an email in the Participant Center, click here.



-Contact Groups-

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1400228985_friends.pngYour donors and team members are automatically added to the 'Donor' or 'Team Member' groups. This makes reaching out to a particular email audience quick and easy. For example, you probably don't want to send a reminder email for support to people who have already joined your team or donated to you and the group tool allows you to easily exclude them. For

                      returning participants, all the previous years' contact information, donation and team member history is held in

                      your center. This is helpful to refer to when reaching out for renewed support.


                            To learn how to create a group in the Participant Center, click here.


-Social Media-



From your Participant Center home page you can also post a personal message and share the link to your fundraising personal page directly on Facebook or Twitter. With social media being such a communication driver these days this is another a great way to reach out to your friends and family!




-Participant Center Tips-




Don't forget to log in to your Participant Center regularly to check on personal and team progress. Tell other team members why they should use their center. Use the team message tool to send team member updates about the day of event schedule, how the team is doing and to encourage them to reach their goal and recruit new team members.




What if I need help with my Participant Center?


1400229057_help_support_question_mark.pngIf you have any questions about the Participant Center, need any assistance with the tools available or are having trouble accessing your center please contact your local event coordinator / organizer.

If you are already registered and wish to access your Participant Center please enter your log in details in the top right corner of the page. If it states you are already logged in please click the 'My Center' link to access your center. If you have not yet registered please click here.