Moving Day DFW - Virtual Walk

Let's get moving!
Let's get moving!

The Moore Movement

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In the United States, 50,000-60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) are diagnosed each year, adding to the one million people who currently have PD. One of those individuals is my dad. He first began exhibiting signs of Parkinson's disease in 2014 and was diagnosed in 2015. Initially, he exhibited several of the cardinal symptoms of PD- difficulty initiating movement, slowness of movement, stooped posture, and shuffling of gait. Since this time, my father's disease course has fluctuated and progressed to affect not only his movement, but his behavior, thinking abilities, and emotional expression. It has been challenging to witness this neurodegenerative process. Pharmacological treatment options are limited and their efficacy is time-limited. There is also an overwhelming lack of awareness about PD in local communities across the US, not to mention a lack of services for patients and caregivers, including outpatient and in-home therapies that can be so beneficial to slowing the progression. 

Join The Moore Movement team to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease and raise funds for the Parkinson’s Foundation. The Virtual Moving Day walk is the first nationwide grassroots campaign that spotlights the disease on a national level and gives the chance to raise awareness and funds in local communities. Although this moving day walk is technically based out of the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and the virtual event will highlight services available in that area, funds raised through this event go to the National Parkinson's Foundation. These funds are available to local chapters (including the Western PA Parkinson's Foundation and other local chapters) by applying for community grants.

Please consider joining or donating to The Moore Movement team's Virtual Moving Day Walk to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's disease research. We need more research into effective treatment options for PD, as well as focused fundraising efforts to provide better community services to patients and caregivers coping with this debilitating disease process.

Your support will help us continue improving the quality of care for those living with Parkinson’s disease.

To donate or visit a team members personal page please select from the ‘Team Roster’ list at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the Parkinson’s Foundation.

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Moving Day DFW - Virtual Walk

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