Moving Day Chicago - Virtual Walk

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In the midst of a year when many things have been shutdown, cancelled or postponed, we are virtually walking in Moving Day Chicago in honor of those with Parkinson's.  Parkinson's knows no shutdowns, no quarantines, no days off and no cancellations.  Every day there is a battled to be waged for those living with Parkinson's and their families regardless of what the world around them looks like...whether it is business as usual or everyone is staying inside at home.  Parkinson's patients still need medicine, doctors' appointments, support groups and more.  

Your support of Moving Day Chicago is vital in securing these services and research to help equip people for the Parkinson's battle.  Join us in the battle by joining our team by clicking the "Join" button on the right or clicking on a member of Judy's Groupies to donate to the work being done in the Parkinson's community.  We also ask you to pray boldly for the people and families affected by Parkinson's.  Pray for a cure, pray for patience, pray for strength for the days and battles ahead.

Thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the Parkinson’s Foundation.

Stay safe!  Stay well and we hope to see you in person next year!

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Moving Day Chicago - Virtual Walk

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