Create a page in honor of your loved one


Create a tribute page to help family and friends honor the lives of those we love and remember those we’ve lost to Parkinson’s disease. 

Get started by clicking the ‘Create a Page’ button. Once you complete all the steps, you will have access your Participant Center to personalize your Honor Tribute Page. Include a photo and fond memories that you can share with people to encourage support for Parkinson’s. Additionally, from your center, you can also send emails to your family and friends to ask them to visit your page, and track your fundraising progress. 

Funds raised support research toward a cure and make life better for people affected by Parkinson’s disease. 

How to Start Your Tribute Page:

1. Click the ‘Create a Page’ button and start your fundraiser.

2. Add a photo and the reason you've started a Tribute Page.

3. Share with friends and family (Facebook is a great place to spread the word).