Fondo Ecuatoriano Populorum Progressio (FEPP)

Fondo Ecuatoriano Populorum Progressio (FEPP) is a nonprofit organization that was founded during the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference in 2000. Monsignor Cándido Rada and a group of bishops, priests and secular figures established FEPP in response to Pope Paul VI’s “Populorum Progressio,” which called for the Catholic leadership to “develop human solidarity” by creating a “common fund” to help the less fortunate. 

FEPP serves rural men and women, indigenous groups, Afro-Ecuadorians, mestizos and marginalized urban populations by supporting their efforts in the areas of education, employment, environmental conservation, gender equity and overall improvement of quality of life. Using the Christian faith as a vehicle for social change and sustainable development, FEPP offers a number of services and provides technical resources as well as financial and administrative support.

FEPP is organized in regional offices and social enterprises, which work together to carry out activities such as: responsible marketing (CAMARI), professionalization and training (FUNDER), popular and social financing (banCODESARROLLO), civil construction projects and water resource management (NOVOHABIT), and design and publication of books and documents (IMPREFEPP). Motivated by the Gospel and social doctrine of the Church, and in particular by the Pope’s “Populorum Progressio,” FEPP seeks to help build hope, justice and peace.

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