Yo quiero Yo puedo


The Mexican state of Hidalgo has one of the greatest educational lags in Mexico and its indigenous primary schools are in terrible shape, which is causing many youth to drop out of school. In rural Acaxochitlan, Hidalgo, 1 out of every 5 girls doesn’t attend middle school. Yet educating girls can end poverty. As Maria, a 4th grader here, says, "In life there are obstacles: what is important is knowing ourselves and knowing our right to succeed."  

Further south in the country, in the mountains of Metlatónoc, Guerrero, over 40% of girls are sold into marriage. Catalina lives here, and after she and her parents learned about human rights and strengthened their decision making and communications skills, together they decided Catalina would marry only once she was older and had finished school. She was the first in her town to not be sold into marriage.

Across the entire country, play is not seen as important. TV is constantly on. Yet play is crucial for children’s development and wellbeing. Doctors can teach parents how to play with their children but they need the tools to do so. 

Yo quiero Yo puedo is a Mexican NGO with over 35 years of experience enabling marginalized individuals in Mexico and around the world to become agents of change in their lives, families, and communities. The organization has received more than 30 awards and certifications, including for being in the highest ranking of NGOs in Mexico. Yo quiero Yo puedo’s impacts in the communities where it works include: school dropout rates between primary and secondary schools have dropped by 28%, 68% more women now get a regular Pap smear, 7 communities have ended the sale of girls into marriage and more than 800 microenterprises have been created.

By donating today, you will be helping Maria, Catalina and families across the country.


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