Centro Apoyo al Microempresarios (CAME)

In 1985, Mexico City was shaken by two earthquakes that caused severe material and human damage. In response, an emergency program was established to promote the creation of employment for those who had lost their homes: Fundación Los Emprendedores, which approached the problem through microenterprise.

The Foundation then established the Centro de Apoyo al Microempresario (CAME), which in its beginnings, from 1991 to 1993, was dedicated to training individuals working on small family projects. CAME created its own methodology, “Grupos Generadores de Ingresos (GGIs)” – meaning Income-Generating Groups – inspired by the communal bank system. The GGI methodology is based on giving loans to individuals with a “solidarity guarantee” from each of the group’s members. In 1993, with the objective of providing credit and fostering savings and productive activities among economically disadvantaged families, CAME gave the first communal loan geared toward driving microenterprise in Valle de Chalco, Mexico State.

CAME was also a pioneer in the incorporation of other financial services – savings, opportunity credits and life insurance – to foster an integral financial culture that helps its members improve their quality of live and build their assets. Little by little, CAME expanded its labor into other Mexican states, benefitting hundreds of communities and building a solid reputation as a trustworthy, transparent organization. Today, as the second largest microfinance institution in Mexico, CAME has positioned itself as one of the most innovative and proactive institutions in the sector. It constantly seeks to inspire entrepreneurial initiative in individuals who lack access to the traditional banking system.

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