Instituto Perene

Founded as an NGO in 2006 in Salvador, Brazil, Instituto Perene partners with rural communities to improve family livelihoods while protecting local natural resources. Through its award-winning Efficient Cookstoves Program, Perene disseminates improved cooking technology and practices for low-income rural families, replacing open-air smoky fires that cause household air pollution. In doing so, the nonprofit simultaneously impacts its community in three waysEnvironmentally, their efforts reduce forest degradation and climate change. The initiatives foster the well-being of women and their families by improving air quality and increasing safety in the kitchen. Economically, families can spend more time in productive activities, spending less time spent collecting wood than with open-fire scenarios. 

The participants in Perene’s projects belong to traditional communities including shellfish collectors, fishermen, family farmers, and palm oil and cassava flour producers. Village women are actively involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of activities through Perene’s Community Agent network, while local builders and suppliers provide parts and services. Through this dynamic regional framework, Perene has substituted over 9,000 open-air stoves with efficient, durable cookstoves, benefitting more than 30,000 people across hundreds of villages. 

Perene’s clean cookstoves are monitored and certified by The Gold Standard Foundation by using innovative metrics of indicators linked to UNDP´s Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. Perene was the first organization in Brazil to be validated by The Gold Standard Foundation to formally account for SDGs and is a recipient of the 2018 National SDG Prize awarded by the federal government of Brazil

Perene’s continued work depends on the support of generous individuals and businesses willing to help the institution to offer a better life quality for low-income rural families in Brazil. 

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