Fundación Social de Unibán (FUNDAÚNIBAN)

Fundación Social de Unibán (Fundaunibán) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1987 in the banana-growing region of Urabá and the department of Magdalena in Colombia to develop affordable housing programs. Currently, Fundaunibán implements the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of the major banana export company Unibán through programs in the areas of social development, education, economic development, and community housing and infrastructure.

Fundaunibán has designed a participatory methodology for community organization through which leaders and residents of cities and communities organize themselves and prioritize their needs. Since 1970, Fundaunibán has offered children, youth and adults an opportunity to access integral education through its nationally recognized academic programs at the Unibán Institute in Urabá.

Fundaunibán contributes to the generation of employment, earnings and economic diversification in Colombia by designing and executing projects around technological and productive development, training, business advising, technical assistance, credit and ongoing support for microenterprises, rural family businesses and economic solidarity organizations.

In the area of housing, Fundaunibán does not build walls – it builds communities. Fundaunibán develops urban and community infrastructure projects to improve the conditions of basic sanitation; potable water; and educational, recreational and athletic facilities. It does so by providing construction, technical advising and credit, viewing infrastructure development as a vehicle for the organization and cohesion of communities with common goals.

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