Fundación Banhcafé (FUNBANHCAFÉ)

Fundación Banhcafé (FUNBANHCAFÉ) is a nonprofit organization in Honduras that was created by the Hunduran Coffee Bank (BANHCAFÉ) in response to the need for education, technical assistance and training for small coffee producers and their families. BANHCAFÉ, primarily made up of small-scale coffee growers, created FUNBANHCAFÉ to promote integral community development with the ultimate goal of improving the social, economic and environmental conditions of these communities. From the beginning, FUNBANHCAFÉ has given priority to low-income families residing in coffee-growing communities of mestizo and/or indigenous origin, which represent approximately 90 percent of coffee producers, distributed throughout 14 of the country’s 18 departments.

FUNBANHCAFÉ’s mission is to facilitate the process of sustainable human development in coffee-growing communities by strengthening local management. It does so by partnering with communities to implement innovative programs and projects geared toward equality and equity of opportunities. FUNBANHCAFÉ, a modern development institution and leader in the coffee sector, is financially, administratively and technically consolidated. With a high level of credibility and transparency, its services are in demand due to their high quality, competitiveness and innovative nature.

FUNBANHCAFÉ’s target population comprises low-income families, municipalities and grassroots organizations, and its projects involve families who work directly or indirectly in the coffee production sector. In this sense, the Foundation’s beneficiaries also include other small-scale farmers, artisans, day laborers, salaried employees, school teachers and children. In addition, FUNBANCAFÉ provides technical services to other relevant institutions outside of the coffee sector to help them maximize their capacities. The Foundation’s strategic objectives include: integrated basin management, local economic self-management, sustainable agriculture, youth development and institutional strengthening.

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