Instituto Mexicano de Investigación de Familia y Población, A.C. (IMIFAP)

The Mexican Institute of Family and Population Research “I want to, I can” (IMIFAP) is a nonprofit organization in Mexico City that has nearly 30 years of experience working to empower marginalized communities to become agents of change in their own lives and in their communities.

IMIFAP works primarily in the areas of education, health, citizenship and productivity, inspiring individuals to improve their well-being. All of its programs are rooted in the development of life skills and the eradication of social barriers. It applies an experiential and interactive methodology to enable individuals to generate social development in their lives, families and communities. IMIFAP integrates the collection, evaluation and dissemination of results, which have shown that its programs produce statistically significant changes in individuals’ attitudes and behavior.

Below are a few examples of IMIFAP’s programs and their reach:

  • Education: More than 70,000 children and teachers have participated in programs to improve the classroom environment and academic achievement; over 16,000 parents have attended programs.
  • Health: More than 1.2 million women and children have participated in infant health programs; over 14 million adolescents have received sex education around life-skills; over 19,000 people have participated in substance abuse workshops; 1,513 women have attended cervical cancer prevention programs.
  • Citizenship: Over 11.5 million 7th– and 9th-grade students have used the books “Civic and ethic education: I want to, I can.”
  • Productivity: More than 7,000 people have participated in microfinance and microenterprise programs.

How You Can Help

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