Don't Let Albany Block the Single-Use Bag Bill

Plastic bag in creek
Over four years, from 2012 to 2015, Sweep volunteers have removed 116 tons of trashand recyclables. A persistent component of this trash consists of single use plastic bags.

On May 5, New York City Council passed a local law (209a) to reduce the use of “carryout bags” by adding a $0.05 surcharge to single use plastic and paper bags sold within NYC beginning February 1, 2017. Similar laws have gone into effect around the county, significantly reducing the number of single use plastic bags clogging storm drains, littering waterways,filling landfills and threatening aquatic life.

Research published in the journal Science demonstrates the significant damage microplastics have on fish, larvae and our ecosystems.

The New York State Legislature is now trying to block NYC’s effort. This is a significant threat to New York’s legal precedent of home rule. We need you to help defend NYC’s law! 

The result of countless hours of hearings and thoughtful negotiations, NYC’s law represents the desire of New York City residents for cleaner communities and a future with trash-free waterways. The city spends more than $12 million each year sending 10 billion plastic bags to landfills.  The new law will save taxpayers millions of dollars while  reducing plastic bag litter in our streets, parks, waterways, and landfills. 

Tell your Legislators you want a trash-free Hudson and urge them to reject this legislation!

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Progress: 53%
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