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Tell Your State Senator: Protect the Hudson from Oil Barges

Tug and barge
Photo: John Lipscomb / Riverkeeper

Learn More about Hudson River anchorages

Can we count on you to defend the Hudson from 43 newly proposed anchorage sites for commercial vessels?

A bill (S.5197a/A.6825a) has been introduced in the New York State Senate and Assembly that would allow the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner to better protect areas of the river that are important habitat for wildlife, as well as areas that are near waterfront communities

Urge your NYS Senator to co-sponsor and help pass S.5197b, which would increase the state’s role in regulating the movement of dangerous oil barges on the Hudson.

The proposal for 43 new anchorage sites threatens to re-industrialize the Hudson River. The maritime industry's request for the expansion comes amid a number of efforts to significantly increase the use of the Hudson as an oil transportation hub. Despite industry claims that the expansion is necessary for safety, it is clear that crude oil is a driving force.


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