Tell Congress: Stop Trump from gutting the EPA


Croton Landfill 1970's
Photo: Croton landfill along the Hudson River, 1973, National Archives, EPA.

President Trump’s systematic dismantling of the EPA and water protections is a disaster in the making for New York’s water. Clean water — safe for wildlife, drinking and recreation — is only possible if we protect our water sources, and a strong EPA is critical toward that goal. Irresponsible executive orders that undermine the Clean Water Act, along with looming and potentially crippling budget and staff cuts, can destroy years of progress. We know what New York looks like without an EPA, and we refuse to go backward. 

Join us in sending a message to Congress and President Trump: Stand up for the EPA.

President Trump doesn’t have the final say. Your member of Congress must stand up for New York values by rejecting budget and staff cuts to the EPA. 

Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and press 2 for your house representative. 

Tell them to vote down these reckless cuts.

Here’s is a short script and talking points to highlight EPAs critical clean water work in New York.

“Hi my name is _______ and I am calling to ask [Congress member _____ ] to stand up for New York values and protect the EPA from President Trump’s proposed budget cuts. The President’s EPA budget and staff proposal would threaten decades of hard won progress for New York. I implore [Congress member _____ ] to reject this proposal and vote no on this dirty water budget.”

Tell your representative to vote down these reckless cuts!

Progress: 60%
Progress: 60%
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