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Help Save the Environmental Law That Banned Fracking

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Photo: Sara Moriarty / Riverkeeper

We need your help to save the environmental review process that led to New York’s fracking ban. Under new regulations proposed by the Department of Environmental Conservation, a key part of the process would be removed, disempowering governmental entities and the public in favor of large developers and industry.

Specifically, governmental entities would be prohibited from providing public review of new issues discovered during the environmental impact statement drafting process. Indeed, it was during the drafting process that staff at the Department of Environmental Conservation reviewed new studies and realized fracking would have a devastating impact on human health and must be banned. Under the new regulations, the agency would be prevented from subjecting its preliminary conclusions on such “new” issues to public review and comment before finalizing.

Sign the petition below telling the DEC to preserve this key part of the environmental review process. While you’re at it, you can also comment on other related proposals. Let the DEC know: 

  • You support the consideration of climate change impacts in environmental impact statements;
  • You support a mandatory scoping process to identify all or most of the issues that will be addressed in environmental impact statements;
  • You support the presumption of significant adverse environmental impacts resulting from large residential development projects and parking garages; and
  • You oppose exemptions from environmental review for major projects that could pose potentially significant adverse impacts, such as fiber optic and cable transmission line construction; large developments in municipal centers; and large “green infrastructure” projects.

The deadline for written comments is May 19, 2017
The DEC has posted relevant documents here.

Progress: 81%
Progress: 81%
Alerts Taken: 810     Goal: 1000


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