Urgent: Protect Bald Eagles from Imminent Gas Pipeline Construction

Bald Eagle
Photo: A bald eagle in the Hudson Valley, 2015, Leah Rae / Riverkeeper

The eagle has landed. A federal appeals court recently denied a motion for a stay of construction for the Valley Lateral Pipeline by the NYSDEC. Now a Bald Eagle nest within the right of way is in danger of disturbance as tree clearing has started by Millennium Pipeline Company. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has the authority to protect our national bird. We need you to take action and share this message widely.

The gas pipeline construction threatens waterbodies such as the Wallkill River Watershed in Orange County and would fuel a massive new fracked gas power plant at a time when NY is moving towards a clean energy future.

Numerous recent photographs and videos by Protect Orange County indicate that the eagle nest is not abandoned as Millennium falsely claims.

Under the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act our national bird is guarded from harassment and disturbance, but only if the law is applied and enforced. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is charged with the responsibility of protecting the Bald Eagle. Tell USFWS Eagle Coordinator Tom Wittig to send a biologist to document and verify the presence of Bald Eagles and their nest near the pipeline route.


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