To Save Science, President Trump Must Fire Scott Pruitt


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Science-based policy guides the advocacy efforts of Riverkeeper. In a free, democratic society, fact-driven, science-based policy is essential for maintaining a level playing field and public trust that officials act on behalf of the public. As Administrator of the EPA, Scott Pruitt has demonstrated that he does not share these values.

Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus that the climate is changing and action is needed, Pruitt is only trying to move us backward. He was one of the most vocal advocates for pulling the United States out of the landmark Paris Climate Accord. Also, Pruitt is working to repeal the “Waters of the United States” rule that would have protected clean water for over 100 million Americans. Most recently, Pruitt has usurped all Clean Water Act authority from regional offices, which have a better understanding of local waterways and communities.  

Now, thanks to the work of dedicated journalists, revelations demonstrate a worrisome pattern of behavior:

  • Taking a $50 a night luxury condo sweetheart deal from a fossil fuel lobbyist with pending business before the agency,
  • Installing a $40,000 soundproof booth in his office,
  • Bilking taxpayers for frequent first-class travel with $120,000 spent just for two weeks of travel last June,
  • Misappropriating Safe Drinking Water Act emergency funds to give hefty raises to his closest deputies despite the White House denying his request
  • Reassigning or demoting dedicated EPA career officials who questioned his misuse of agency resources.  

New York and the nation cannot afford another day of Scott Pruitt’s anti-science, unethical behavior. Join us in calling on President Trump to fire Pruitt and urge your member of Congress to do everything in his or her power to defend the EPA and science.

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