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Help ban the plastic bag by April 1st

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Governor Cuomo’s single-use plastic bag ban budget proposal has a big problem. Plastic bag bans without fees on paper and other bags fail to change consumer behavior, leading everyone to switch to paper bags. Paper bags have their own environmental impacts.

Therefore, any policy that tackles plastic bags also has to address the alternatives to plastic bags. Governor Cuomo’s proposal fails this requirement.

When Chicago and Honolulu tried Governor Cuomo’s approach, they repealed their laws within months after retailers moved to thicker single-use plastic bags. We’ve come too far to see New York make the same mistake and take us back to square one.

Urge your state representatives to send Governor Cuomo the most effective law that stops plastic bag pollution and helps people remember their reusable shopping bags, the New York State BYOBag Act.

Urge your state representatives to support the New York State BYOBag Act by April 1st.


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