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Protect people and wildlife, not GE

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Tell Congress: Don't Cut the EPA's Budget

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Tell your federal representatives: Trump's proposal to slash EPA funding flushes common sense down the drain

Tell FAA we need a substantial review of the LaGuardia AirTrain

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Tell the FAA, the agency overseeing the LaGuardia Airport AirTrain's environmental review process, to investigate the potential for a more direct route to LGA that adds public transit, is climate resilient, and does not put added pressure on the 7 train.

Urge Your Representative to Support NYC Fracking Waste Ban

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Call Your City Council Member and Ask Them to Co-Sponsor NYC Fracking Waste Ban Legislation

Urgent! Call Governor Cuomo: Include Safe Disposal of Drugs in the Budget

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Urge Governor Cuomo to pass the Drug Take-Back Act as part of the NYS budget to protect people & wildlife from pharmaceuticals.