Demand Study of Risks from Crude Oil Transport

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oil soaked wetlands Alicevill Al - photo John Wathen
Oil soaked wetlands in Aliceville Alabama after a train transporting Bakken crude oil derailed. 11-2013 Photo: John Wathen, HurricaneCreekkeeper

A "virtual pipeline" has been created in New York State to transport millions of gallons of crude oil per day by railroad car and river vessel without any study of its potential for environmental impacts and threats to public health and safety.

The risk of catastrophic crude oil fires and spills has been proven to be real after repeated accidents elsewhere on the "virtual pipeline"—including a deadly spill in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, in July 2013, which killed 47 people and leveled several blocks of the town.

The risk to our communities and our waterways is highlighted by near-misses that have already occurred in New York State—including the December 2012 grounding of the Stena Primorsk tanker in the Hudson River, the November 2013 crash of an oil train with a truck at an at-grade crossing in West Nyack, and the December 2013 derailment of an oil train in Cheektowaga.

Help us protect the Hudson River and communities along the rail line by urging the Department of Environmental Conservation to fully study the risks of the "virtual pipeline" by performing a complete environmental impact review of all relevant pending and previously granted permits.


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  • Martin Brand, NYS DEC Region 3 Administrator
  • Karen Gaidasz, NYS DEC Region 4 Headquarters
  • Gene Kelly, NYS Regional Director, DEC Region 4
  • Joe Martens, DEC Commissioner


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