2018 Riverkeeper Member Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to take part in this short but important survey.

Riverkeeper members like you support and sustain our endeavors. Your donations help us work for clean, swimmable waters, a Hudson River teeming with life, and safe drinking water supplies.

By taking part in this survey, you will help us improve our work and communications with you. Your responses will be treated confidentially and will not be seen by anyone outside of Riverkeeper


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Question - Required - Which of our programs and campaigns are you most interested in?
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Question - Required - How do you enjoy the Hudson River?
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Question - Not Required - Are you interested in volunteering with Riverkeeper?

Question - Not Required - In the last 18 months, have you attended any Riverkeeper events?


Question - Not Required - Riverkeeper does not currently have a print member newsletter. Would you be interested in receiving quarterly updates on the work that your support makes possible?

Question - Required - Are you signed up to receive text messages from Riverkeeper with urgent news and advocacy opportunities?


*10. We really can't thank you enough! Do you feel your contributions are recognized appropriately and in a timely fashion?
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Question - Not Required - Bequests left to Riverkeeper leave a lasting legacy for our mission. Have you included Riverkeeper in your will?

Question - Not Required - Riverkeeper has a group of amazing supporters, called Sustainers, who give monthly via their credit cards. These automatic donations help us budget and plan for our programs and campaigns. Would you consider making a monthly donation to Riverkeeper?

Question - Not Required - What is your birthday?


Question - Not Required - Please specify your ethnicity



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