Empire State Ride 2018

If you know the name of the team you’re joining, type it in the box below and hit “Search for a Team.” If you’re not sure, find the team on the alphabetical team list below and click on the “Join” button next to their name.

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Team Name: A New Hope
Team Captain: None
Team Name: Asphalt junkies
Team Captain: None
Team Name: Asphalt Junkies II
Team Captain: Wayne Bridges
Team Captain: Melissa Delforte
Team Name: Cash-Bolds
Team Captain: None
Team Name: cyclesauruses
Team Captain: Jason Mass
Team Name: Electrical Training
Team Captain: Scott cohen
Team Name: Fat Lad at the Back
Team Captain: John Baxter
Team Name: Holiday Valley
Team Captain: Jane Eshbaugh
Team Name: Hot Wheels
Team Captain: Kali Croisdale
Team Captain: Ronald Barr
Team Name: Los Ticos
Team Captain: Verny Delao
Team Name: Melissa's Team
Team Captain: Donna Lee
Team Captain: JoAnn Blatner
Team Name: Praxair
Team Captain: Terry Bourgeois
Team Name: Rabago Family
Team Captain: Karl Rabago
Team Captain: Todd Yoder
Team Name: Team 901
Team Captain: Karen Cincotti
Team Name: Team Chafing a Dream
Team Captain: None
Team Name: Team Roswell
Team Captain: Danielle Casucci
Viewing 1-20 of 22