Goin' Bald for Bucks Rochester

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Team Name: Beard-Off Take 2
Team Captain: Josh Symer
Team Name: Beat Cancer!
Team Captain: Jim Smoke
Team Name: Bishop Kearney
Team Captain: Jason Simoni
Team Captain: Emily Dowler
Team Name: Brockport Bald
Team Captain: Mel White
Team Name: Cure Cancer 2017
Team Captain: Ashley Dole/Coville
Team Name: Cutting For A Cure!
Team Captain: Nina Swan
Team Name: Gananda
Team Captain: Amy Peterson
Team Name: Letchworth CSD
Team Captain: Kara Bonn
Team Name: McQuaid Jesuit
Team Captain: Matthew Whelehan
Team Name: Roth Middle School
Team Captain: Kelly Hatch
Team Name: Shave Our Sodus
Team Captain: Brian Dastyck
Team Name: Shorn & Shaven
Team Captain: Michelle Justice
Team Name: WSOP Bald for Bucks
Team Captain: Siobhan Hacker
Viewing 1-14 of 14