Tops 5K/10K 2018

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Team Name: Abbey's Angels
Team Captain: Kelly Schintzius
Team Captain: Dorca Zayas
Team Name: All for Andrea
Team Captain: None
Team Name: Benchmark Group
Team Captain: Derek Schwegler
Team Name: Benchmark S.O.L.E.Mates
Team Captain: None
Team Name: Biegasiewicz family
Team Captain: Jennifer Biegasiewicz
Team Name: Braver Than Brave
Team Captain: None
Team Name: Cancer Sucks
Team Captain: Meri Najuch
Team Name: Cardino
Team Captain: Samantha Wendling
Team Name: Costanzos
Team Captain: None
Team Name: Dor's Fight Club
Team Captain: Andrea Pusateri
Team Name: Dottie's Angels
Team Captain: None
Team Name: FARM/Pathfinder
Team Captain: Melissa Christopher
Team Name: FBWS 2017
Team Captain: None
Team Name: FBWS 2018
Team Captain: Angela Norris
Team Name: FiTT
Team Captain: Michael Watts
Team Captain: None
Team Captain: matthew gould
Team Name: Grandpa Bittermann
Team Captain: Donna Zimmer
Team Name: Greater Buffalo Track Club
Team Captain: None
Viewing 1-20 of 96