TR The Difference

At Rush, our mission is to improve the health of the individuals and diverse communities we serve through the integration of outstanding patient care, education, research and community partnerships. When you support Rush, you help us fulfill our commitment to our mission.

Patient Care

Jackie and her husband had three young children at home when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rush’s team approach to treating her cancer made all the difference for Jackie, who is now able to focus on what matters most — her family.

When we went to Rush and we met with the doctors, I felt like they cared about me as a person and made sure that the team that they had was the right fit,” Jackie says. And her family felt the support of the whole team at Rush, where they developed a plan for her treatment that best fit her goals as a patient.

Philanthropic support makes all the difference for our clinicians, who work to ensure that each patient receives the very best care possible.


As the main caretaker of her mother, Ashley Lopez felt the transition into a nursing career would be a natural move. But while juggling family expenses, pursuing her dream seemed nearly impossible.

“Scholarship support has been huge for me,” said Ashley. “It’s a weight off not only my but my mother’s shoulders as she doesn’t have to worry as much about helping me afford my education.”

Support from alumni and friends makes the impossible possible for Ashley, now one of 29 students in Rush’s Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program.


Samantha and Hayley were both diagnosed with the rare, incurable degenerative disease Niemann-Pick disease type C. Fortunately, their families are finding hope in the face of this disease, which causes progressive mental and physical decline. Samantha and Hayley’s parents turned to Rush, where they are receiving a cutting-edge treatment.

To recognize the importance of research and to thank the teams at Rush for making a difference on their childrens' lives, Samantha and Hayley’s families have dedicated countless hours to fundraise on behalf of their daughters' pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis.

Community Partnerships

Having a desire to give back and make a meaningful impact on the community is a common thread that runs through most students and staff at Rush.

Rush serves the greater Chicago area by providing care to people unable to pay, educating future health care providers and supporting research. Our community outreach efforts address a variety of needs.

One of our community education and mentoring programs, the Science and Math Excellence Network, has worked to help children and adolescents build confidence in school for over 25 years. Philanthropic support has provided over $1,000,000 to grow and sustain this program.


Please visit our website to learn more about the difference philanthropy is making on our patients and community.