Volunteer Recognition

Because of you, Rush’s people and programs can continue to perform lifesaving work.

Every year, Rush University Medical Center receives gifts in honor and in remembrance of colleagues, friends, family members, Rush caregivers and others who have an impact on our donors’ lives. These contributions provide important funds that allow Rush to fulfill our mission. Rush is proud to honor the hundreds of patients, alumni, staff, employees and friends of Rush who support our mission through philanthropy. The following list recognizes individuals with gifts of $1,000 or more made in their honor or memory.

*Denotes deceased

Mrs. Irene D. Antoniou* Ms. Samantha Berns   Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Brennan*
Mr. Ralph E. Brunner, Jr.* Mrs. Mindy H. Chapman* Steven M. Croft, MD*
Mr. Oscar O. D'Angelo* Mrs. Geraldine Diamond* Mr. Stephen DiBiase*
Mrs. Beverley A. Evans* Mr. Dwight W. Fawcett* Mr. Thomas Frommer*
Jorge O. Galante, MD, DMSc* Mr. Philip Garoon   The Hon. Robert E. Ginsberg  
Mrs. Angela Grespan* Mrs. Alyce L. Griffin* Mr. Jeffrey Neil Gross*
Mr. Ronald E. Halla* Brayden Richard Hammer* Jennifer K. Hayden, MSN*
Ms. Donna P. Hendrickson* Mrs. Deborah Hepler* Ms. Margaret Heymann*
Ms. Janet Hinck* Ms. Marilyn I. Hobbs* Mrs. Evelyn Hurvitz*
Mrs. Shirley H. Jaffee* Mrs. Deborah R. Jannotta* Ms. Emily C. Johnson*
Mrs. Patricia A. Keller* Mrs. Sherry L. Koppel   Ms. Hayley A. Koujaian  
Ms. Nancy H. Knights* Mr. Scott S. Krennrich* Mrs. Constance Pappadis Lewis*
Mr. Rocco Lonigro* Mrs. Mary Ellen McCormack* Mr. William G. McMillan*
Mr. Stephen P. Mitchell* Ms. Mila L. Momchilov* Ms. Lucille R. Msall*
Mrs. Sally S. Nickele* Mr. William Perkowitz* Mr. James A. Piersall*
Mr. Bernard Plummer* Ms. Lois J. Polzin* Ms. Calliope Prekezes*
Ms. Lena Robinson* Mrs. Joan M. Roggeveen* Mr. Derek B. Ryband*
Ms. Patricia Samuels   Mrs. Victoria H. Scott   Mrs. Amanda Sarmiento*
Mrs. Georgette L. Scully* Mrs. Lindsay Simmons* Mrs. Marion S. Sprenger*
Ms. Corinne Stransky   Mr. Michael L. Supera* Ms. Genevieve E. Swoyer*
Ms. Alejandra E. Ulrey   Mrs. Lynne Vandenbrink* Mrs. Marilou M. von Ferstel*
Mr. Mike Walsh* Ms. Anne L. Zawaski* Mr. John M. Zelanik*
Bernard B. Zelinger, MD and Dr. Helen Zelinger    


Please contact Megan Tenenbaum, assistant director of annual giving at megan_tenenbaum@rush.edu or (312) 942-1514 with any questions about honor or memorial giving.