YES Day for Autism!

Eleni's Angels

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Eleni is living at First Place as part of SARRC’s Transitional Academy and, as life slowly returns to normal, this has truly been a year for FIRSTS!

Eleni and her First Place friends took the light rail ON THEIR OWN to go watch a movie at a Harkins Theater.

Eleni participates in Breakfast Club, where she and her fellow residents walk to a local breakfast spot once a week ON THEIR OWN.

Eleni was craving Starbucks, so she texted her friend Mickey and asked if he wanted to go get Starbucks and they went ON THEIR OWN.

Another FIRST this year is YES Day! Instead of partnering with a national organization for a walk, SARRC (Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center) is partnering with other Arizona autism charities for a family carnival and resource fair. That means every dollar you donate this year stays right here in Arizona, helping individuals with autism in Arizona.

We live in Phoenix, far from our families, so that we can be near SARRC, where Eleni accesses the best autism treatment available. SARRC is the reason that Eleni has achieved so much.  They have been there since she was diagnosed with autism, and Eleni maintains relationships with therapists from before she was two.  SARRC touches the lives of so many in our community, but that would not happen without all of our generous financial support.

SARRC has a history of teaching individuals with autism how to achieve their FIRSTS. Where some say individuals with autism can’t do this, SARRC says we need to teach them how, and SARRC clinicians have the confidence of seeing success every day. SARRC clinicians helped Eleni learn to ride a bike when she was five, deal with loud noises, and they are still working on many other critical skills.  SARRC has always been there to figure out how to make FIRSTS happen.  As Eleni and Susie did when they ran their FIRST half marathon in January, SARRC creates plans that are broken down into achievable goals.  With your support, SARRC will continue to help individuals with autism reach their potential.

YES Day! is Sunday, October 24, 2021.  Please consider joining our team, Eleni’s Angels and making a donation!   

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