2023 Yes Day for Autism

Alivia loves the beach!
Alivia loves the beach!

Alivia's A-Team

Right around Alivia's 2nd birthday, when we thought autism might be our journey, SARRC was there to provide guidance and answers to all those new questions.  I'm raising funds to support SARRC's vision, with the help of other Service Providers, to deliver effective support services to every Arizonan by 2030.  Please help us bring this vision to reality.  Thank you for your support!

Around the time Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) was founded, the incidence of an autism diagnosis was 1 in 500; today it is 1 in 36.

This year, our Team is participating YES Day for Autism to raise critical autism funding not only for SARRC but for other nonprofit autism organizations throughout the state as well. Importantly, all dollars raised will be kept in Arizona for Arizona
YES Day for Autism is as much about saying “yes” to autism awareness, support, and inclusion as it is to saying “yes” to statewide collaboration. Every dollar raised will help the state expand from Phoenix as “the most autism-friendly city” to Arizona as “the most autism-friendly state.”
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