Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) is excited to introduce YES Day for Autism—a new, exciting campaign focused on raising funds, awareness, and acceptance!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join our efforts: families, friends, partners, and the community at large who are driven by a desire to create more supportive, inclusive communities for people with autism.

To signify the 1 in 71 children identified with autism in Arizona, YES Day for Autism is a 71-day fundraising and awareness campaign that kicks off Monday, Aug. 16 (but we encourage participants to get a head-start!). Teams will have the chance to recruit team members and fundraise (score cool prizes along the way!) during the 71 days leading up to our in-person community event on Sunday, Oct. 24 at Tempe Beach Park (a celebration you won’t want to miss!).

When you say “yes,” you are saying:

  • YES! to listening to and understanding people with autism.
  • YES! to early screening, diagnosis, and access to effective services.
  • YES! to high-quality education and healthcare.
  • YES! to training for first responders.
  • YES! to supporting employment opportunities for adults with autism.
  • YES! to innovative housing solutions.
  • YES! to building more supportive, inclusive communities across Arizona.

So…are you in? It’s easy…just say YES!

Through SARRC’s YES Day for Autism, Arizona will proudly celebrate what’s possible when we work together, share resources, and collaborate effectively to say “yes” for people with autism and their families. And importantly, all dollars raised in Arizona for Arizona.