SBTF Race for Research - Brain Tumor Walk or Run

Angels of Nature
Angels of Nature


This annual race is near and dear to my heart and has been for the past 15 years.  

Fourteen years ago my life changed instantaneously.  My brain tumor diagnosis hit me in the prime of life and career.  Walking, talking, eating, living, everything changed.   Those beautiful clothes I once wore quickly became a distant memory.  The business travel, entertaining and being entertained abruptly ended.  That constant paycheck ended too.  

My entire life was turned upside down, absolutely nothing remained the same.  Shortly after my craniotomy and discharge from PT, I found this 5K and found the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation.I didn't think I'd be able to walk the course, but I knew I had to get invoved in this great cause.  

I'm excited to participate for a 15 consecutive year and it would be my wish to have you join me.  Please consider supporting my team and come out to walk with me.  I promise, you'll be glad you did.


Butterflies are nature's angels. They remind us what a gift it is to be alive - Robyn Nola .

Thankful for life, and thankful for you
/Christi (CiCi)
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OFFLINE DONATIONS: Donations by check may be sent along with the offline donation form to the SBTF.

15th Year Team

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