Questions & Answers

Got questions? If you can't find the answers below, send an email to and we are happy to help!
Although we are not available 24/7, we are responsive and strive to return any calls or emails within 24 hours.


Is there a hashtag for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation?
Yes. We encourage you to use #SBTForg when you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Make your post publicly viewable so we can share in your journey.

Can I connect on social media with the Foundation and other supporters?
Absolutely! We want you to share your selfies, photos, videos and race results with us! We encourage you to use #SBTForg (be sure to make it public) so posts will be easy to find and enjoy by everyone. In turn, the SBTF will share the accomplishments of supporters on our social media pages. Please join/follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with others who share our mission from around the world.


Is there a fee to register or create my Fundraiser?
No. We set up this page to allow you to create your own fundraisers. We do not charge a fee, however we suggest a nominal donation of $25 to get your event started.

I created a Fundraiser but am no longer able to host my Fundraiser.
Well then just reschedule! After all, you are choosing your date, place and type of participation.

I'm located outside the United States. Can I still participate?
Of course! Supporters from around the globe can all take part in the same effort to end brain tumors.

Can I create a team in a Fundraise Your Way event?
No. These personal fundraisers are just that, personal. If others want in the fun, have them create a separate page for themselves.

How often can I create a Fundraise Your Way event?
Twice a year. The page is reset twice annually on December 31 and June 30.


I need to have my password reset, who can help me?
You can find a password reset link by clicking the 'Login' button at the top right of this page. However, if you have difficulty with the reset process, please email us at and we can send you a password reset email directly. Please remember to provide your first and last name, and the email address to which we should send the password reset link. After doing so, please remember to check your spam folder as sometimes the auto generated system messages land in spam folders, instead of an inbox.

I'm a returning user to the SBTF site and forgot my user name and password, can this be reset and how long does it take?

The registration page contains a link to reset your password. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will reset for you. Please be sure to provide our first and last name, street address, and the email address to where the password reset link is to be sent. Note, sometimes password reset notices are sent to spam folders. Please be sure to check your spam folder.


How do I utilize my Participant Center?
Your participant center gives you visibility of your donations, goal and emails sent from our site. Please visit our Resource Page for how-to guides for sending emails, setting up a linked Facebook fundraiser and other options.

How long does it take for mailed checks to be posted to our fundraiser?
It could take 7-10 business days to post this transaction. If concerned we did not receive the mailed donation, please email us at We can accept checks electronically when a donor chooses "Checking Account" as the method of payment during checkout. This eliminates the delay of mailing of a paper check.

How do I utilize my Participant Center?
Please visit our Resource page for how-to-guides for sending emails, setting up a linked Facebook fundraiser and other Participant Center options.

My donor does not want to use a credit card online to make a donation, is there a way to send donations offline?
We can accept checks electronically when a donor chooses "Checking Account" as the method of payment during checkout. Otherwise, donations by paper check or other offline methods may be sent along with the offline donation form to the SBTF. Monies received will be credited towards the participant/fundraiser as noted on the form.

How do supporters donate to my Fundraiser?
When your fundraiser is created you will have a web link that you can copy and share with your supporters. Those choosing to support your Fundraiser simply click the link and then choose donate. You can also link your Fundraiser to your personal Facebook page and to a Facebook Fundraiser. This makes it simple to connect with your Facebook friends and encourage them to support your efforts.

Can I create a QR code for my Fundraiser?
Yes! Once you have the web address of your personal donation page, visit our Toolkit page for instructions. QR codes are helpful for Fundraisers held physically such as a car wash, BBQ dinner or race. Supporters can simply scan the QR code and be directed to your Fundraiser page and donate. This is helpful for credit card and electronic check payments at your Fundraiser.