Atlantic Station


logo-footer-1170.png PARKING AND DIRECTIONS TO THE RACE logo-footer-1170.png

There is no availalbe street level parking for this event. Suggested parking is on level P1 of the Atlantic Station parking deck. SBTF Volunteers will be on-site to help direct you from the parking deck to the Race location. All activities will occur on the Atlantic Green.  Stairwell entrances #2, #3, #7, #11, #12 from the parking deck will lead you to the Atlantic Green.  

Parking here is easy. Simply take a ticket at the entrance gate as you enter the parking deck. Be sure to note the color of the section in which you park and the number of the spot. Take your ticket with you and pay as you exit when leaving the event. We encourage you to park near parking stairwells #2, #3, #7, #11,#12; stairwells are color coded.

  • Orange stairwell 12
  • Green stairwell 11
  • Purple entrance 7 and has an escalator and elevator
  • Purple stairwell 3
  • Red stairwell 2
A color coded map of Atlantic Station can be seen below, and can be downloaded.

Parking rates for the parking deck for automobiles is listed below but please be sure to check the Atlantic Station website, as prices are subject to change:

  • 0-2 hours                     $  0.00
  • 2-3 hours                     $  4.00
  • 3-4 hours                     $  7.00
  • 4-5 hours                     $  9.00
  • 5-6 hours                     $11.00
  • 6-7 hours                     $14.00
  • 7-24  hours                  $16.00
  • Lost Ticket                  $16.00

On your way back to your car, stop at any of the 26 pay-on-foot stations or the central cashiering station located on level P1. Once you’ve paid, proceed to any of the garage exits, insert your ticket into the machine, and be on your way. You may also pay with a credit card at the exit station.

EV Charging Stations:

  • EV Charging Station: Parking Level One, Stairway 2 (Red)
  • EV Charging Station: Parking Level Two, Stairway 9 (Orange)
  • Tesla Charging Station: Parking Level Two, Stairway 1 (Red)


 If using a GPS, you can use the Atlantic station address 241 20th Street, Atlanta, GA 30363 or follow these instructions.

  • Northbound on I-75/85: Take the 17th Street exit Exit 251A, turn left, Atlantic Station is located just over the Connector. Follow signs to Parking
  • Southbound on I-85: Take the 10th/14th/17th Street exit Exit 84. Take the 17th Street exit; turn right, Atlantic Station is located on the right. Follow signs to Parking
  • Southbound on I-75: Take the 16th/14th/10th Street exit Exit 250. Follow 16th Street access road. Continue on 16th Street to State Street. Turn right on State Street, crossing over 17th Street and follow signs to Parking


Map of Atlantic Station