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Back by popular demand will be Team Village! Spaces are available for teams by check-box request during registration of the team captain. Team Village provides a designated meeting space for team members to meet and rally together on race day. Check the list below to see if your team is participating with a tent location. After all the available spaces are claimed a wait list will be created for those still interested in having a tent location.

This year we will NOT be offering team packet pickup.

Those interested in this activity will receive information on:

  • The location of team tent village
  • Details on how to participate
  • What's allowed and what's not
  • Set-up and tear-down requirements
  • Trash removal

  • For more information on this activity, please contact us at events@sbtf.org. Team space is limited and is issued on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Set up commences at 6:30 am Saturday
  • Tents may not be larger than 10x10 feet
  • Tent, chairs, tables and other items are provided by the team
  • Tents may not be staked or tied down
  • Weights or sand is highly recommended as the location is windy between buildings
  • Grills or other heat generating equipment are not allowed
  • Pets are not allowed in tent row or the Race venue
  • Trash must be collected and disposed of properly
  • Tents may not be placed on sidewalks
  • Tent areas must be clean and tents removed by 11:00 am when streets reopen
  • Tents must be set up in the assigned area. No other areas are permitted by Atlantic Station.
  • A site map showing tent locations can be downloaded here.
  • Be sure to share your tent location so your team members can find you
  • Decorate your tent and show your team spirit (examples)

Team Spirit   



  • T-11 Team DenFeyer
  • T-12 Karen's Legacy
  • T-8 Team Case
  • T-17 Running on a Cure-2010
  • T-4 The Diddlebugs
  • T-19 The Burger Dancers
  • T-13 Hope for Heather
  • T-2 No Brain, No Pain
  • T-3 Whobaby/Rockin Robbin
  • T-1 Tiffany's Team
  • Green - Piedmont Brain Tumor Center
  • T-6 Team Margo
  • T-16 Leader of the Band
  • T-7 #operationKiwi
  • T-5 #Joestrong
  • T-9 & T-10 Team KG
  • T-14 & T-15 Daniels Destroyers


 *Updated 9/15/23. If your team is not listed and you believe it should be on the list above, please contact us. (info@sbtf.org)

Site Map 2023

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