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Ask Senator Sweeney to Post SCR66 to Protect NJ's Water!

New Jersey’s drinking water and waterways are still being threatened by the DEP’s Flood Hazard Rules and we need your help! The Legislature is standing with us to protect New Jersey’s water from flooding and pollution. The Assembly has already passed a resolution to do so by blocking the Flood Hazard Rules. Next we need the Senate to do the same. We need you to ask Senator Sweeney to post the resolution SCR66 (Lesniak) so that we can stop these rules before they go into effect!

The DEP’s new rules will eliminate protections for important streams that will lead to more polluation and flooding in our waterways. The U.S. EPA and FEMA have both come out against the rule changes. They will remove headwater protections and allow development in environmentally sensitive areas; threaten open space, while putting communities at risk by increasing flooding. That is why the Senate President must post the resolution and the legislature must take action to overturn these hazardous rules.

The resolution, ACR160 (McKeon)/SCR66 (Lesniak) overrides the DEP’s recently signed Flood Hazard Rules. We need the Legislature to override these rules because they are a major weakening of clean water protections in New Jersey. They threaten our waterways with more pollution and development and put our drinking water at risk. By passing this resolution, the Legislature would be standing up to one of the Governor’s environmental rollbacks for the first time! But before the Senate can vote on it, we need to urge Senator Sweeny to post it for a floor vote!

We believe that these rules violate the New Jersey Clean Water Act, New Jersey Pollution Control Act and Water Quality Planning Act, as well as violate the separation of powers between DEP National Resource and Conservation. They also violate the TMDL river clean-up process, the Municipal Stormwater Rules, and the anti-degradation criteria in our laws.

You can also email the Senator at sensweeney@njleg.org or call his office at (856) 251-9801 or (856) 339-0808. You can say: “Senator Sweeney, I urge you to put SCR66 up for vote to help reject the NJDEP’s proposed Flood Hazard Rules. These rules are a hazard to people and the environment in New Jersey. Thank you.”

After you contact Senator Sweeney, please e-mail your Assembly representative today to support this resolution and ask the Senator to post it for vote. If passed, this would be an important victory in protecting New Jersey’s waterways! Please share this alert widely with family and friends.

Thanks for taking action,

The New Jersey Sierra Club


  • State Senator Stephen 'Steve' M. Sweeney


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Please Post SCR66!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to please urge you to post resolution SCR66 (Lesniak/ACR160 (McKeon). We need this legislation to go up for a vote so that the Senate can join the Assembly in this landmark battle for clean water. The DEP said they were going to make changes to improve their Flood Hazard Rules. Instead, they adopted them as is. We know that the rules allow development in environmentally sensitive area. We know that the rules will weaken protections for our drinking water sources and will lead to more pollution in our waterways. We also know that they can add to the flooding problems we already deal with here in New Jersey.

The resolution will block the DEP's Flood Hazard Rules. These rules pose a threat to New Jersey's drinking water and waterways. The Legislature has stood up to the Christie Administration on these rules before and now we need you to do it again! The Assembly has already passed this iconic piece of Legislative Veto. Please help us by posting SCR66 for a vote in the Senate!