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Tell Your Legislators to say NO to Nuclear Subsidies!

We need your help to stop Governor Christie and the Legislature from pushing through a bill that gives PSEG unneeded subsidies for their nuclear plants with money from our pockets! We are urging everyone to contact their legislators and tell them to vote NO to this Nuclear Bail Out bill, S3560 (Sweeney/Smith). Under this bill, PSEG could start receiving subsidies within a year, despite being profitable enough to have bid into auction. In a reverse-Robin Hood move, they want to take billions of NJ ratepayer money and give it to PSEG to subsidize nuclear power plants that are already making money. Estimates put the subsidies at $320 million a year, which would cost each NJ household almost $41 a year. What’s worse is that they’re rushing it through in lame duck without proper scrutiny and oversight.

Click below to write to your legislators and tell them to vote NO on this nuclear subsidy robbery. The bill would tie Governor-Elect Murphy’s hands when it comes to promoting renewable energy. With cheap natural gas and subsidized nuclear power, renewable energy such as wind and solar power will be pushed out. The Trump Administration is already promoting three different types of nuclear subsidies while trying to undermine renewable energy. We can’t let that happen in New Jersey and that’s why we need to stop this nuclear subsidy bill!

We are asking everyone to contact their legislators to tell them to vote against this dangerous bill should it make it to the Senate or Assembly floor. We cannot let Governor Christie use nuclear subsidies to block renewable energy in New Jersey!

Thank for all you do!

NJ Sierra Club 


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Vote NO on the Nuclear Subsidy Bill S3560 (Sweeney/Smith)!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to express my concern with the nuclear subsidies bill, S3560 (Sweeney/Smith), and requesting that you vote against this bill and in the interests of the people of New Jersey. I believe that Governor Christie has no right to push his agenda through during lame duck. Governor-Elect Murphy has strong goals for renewable energy and this bill would block if not prevent those goals from going forward. The ratepayers of New Jersey should not have to pay for PSEG's subsidies, especially when they don't need it.

PSEG does not need these subsidies. They already received billions in subsidies and are making a profit. Not to mention, their Salem plants kill billions of fish a year. I do not want these plants subsidized at the expense of renewable energy and I don't want to pay for it from my own pocket. Nuclear plants should NOT interfere with renewable energy, but this bill will allow them to do so. I urge you to vote NO on S3560 (Sweeney/Smith) and protect New Jersey from this robbery.

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