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Contact Your Senator and Tell Them to Vote NO on The Nuclear Subsidy Bill


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URGENT: Contact your Senator and tell them to Vote NO on the Nuclear Subsidy Bill!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to please urge you to vote no on the bill, S877 (Sweeney/Smith) which would give PSEG at least $300 million subsidies for their nuclear plants at a cost of $41 a year per household. Under this bill, PSEG could start receiving subsidies within a year, despite being profitable. The bill has been worked on behind-the-scenes with little opportunity for public examination and input by the ratepayers. It is the biggest subsidy and rip-off in the history of New Jersey. PSEG is taking ratepayer money and giving it to their stockholders. Subsidizing nuclear would take away from offshore wind and solar energy funding. Phil Murphy has committed to a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050 and this bill prevent that goal from being achieved.

The whole bill is just an excuse to subsidize the nuclear power plants. That $300 million nuclear subsidy could have been spent on funding renewable programs. Instead this bill will block renewable energy from moving forward. We should not be moving forward with this nuclear subsidy deal when PSEG has already received $3 billion in subsidies from ratepayers for these plants. PSEG will already receive $800 million in subsidies from Trump's tax cut and millions more in subsidies from PJM. PSEG says they're green but the only thing green about them is the money they want from ratepayers. These plants come with serious safety and health concerns. The Salem plants kill 17 billion fish a year because PSEG has lobbied to prevent them from having to build cooling towers. They dump superheated water into the Bay, hurting water quality and killing fish.

The nuclear subsidies will take away $300 million from renewable energy and block them from moving forward. We need you to vote NO on this bill that will severely interfere with Governor Murphy's clean energy goals. There is zero justification for any nuclear subsidies. It's nothing more than giving PSEG a blank check from the ratepayer that will undermine progress for renewable energy in New Jersey. This bill hurts renewable energy and ratepayer's wallets. The bill is nothing but a green scam to rip off ratepayers to raise their dividends and stock prices.

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