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Tell the DEP Deny to Deny Transco Permits for NESE Pipeline/Compressor Station!

We need your help to fight an unneeded and dangerous natural gas project in Central Jersey. Transco wants to put a new compressor station in Trap Rock Quarry in and connect a pipeline that would go into the Raritan Bay. We need everyone to tell the NJDEP that they must deny Transco permits to build this dangerous project that would create air and water pollution and safety concerns!

The proposed project starts with a 32,000 horsepower compressor station on 52 acres in the Trap Rock Quarry. It also proposes more pipeline: 3.5 new miles of pipe in Old Bridge and Sayreville and 22 miles under the Raritan Bay. The project was already denied water permits in New Jersey and New York for being incomplete and the rest of the permits must be denied as well.

Transco’s NESE project is meant to ship gas out of state to Long Island; it would have no benefit to the people of New Jersey. An explosion or leak could threaten communities, destroy important habitat and add pollution to waterways. We need everyone to write to the DEP and tell them to deny these permits and at the very least, have a real public process that includes at least two public hearings.

Thanks for all you do!

NJ Sierra Club


  • Ruth Foster
  • Commissioner Catherine McCabe


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Deny NESE Permits for Compressor Station/Pipeline into the Raritan!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to request action from the NJDEP on Transco's proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE). I urge the DEP to deny Transco's permit applications, including all Land Use Management and Coastal Use Management permits. I also encourage the agency to hold two public hearings on these permit applications one near the proposed Compressor Station 206 in Franklin Twp. (Somerset County) and another by the Madison & Raritan Bay Loops in Old Bridge & Sayreville (Middlesex County).

This project would not benefit New Jersey in any way since the gas would all go to New York. Instead, we would be faced with all of the safety and environmental consequences. I am hoping that you will continue to diligently review the new application material and hold Transco fully accountable to New Jersey's laws and regulations protecting our water and other natural resources. I urge you to not only deny Transco's permit applications but at the very least to schedule at least two public meetings to allow for more public participation in the process.

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