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Ask Murphy to Protect Pinelands with New Appointments to Commission!

The Pinelands are under attack by pipelines, development, and even some of its own Commissioners. Governor Murphy has the opportunity to protect the Pines by making new appointments to the Commission. We need you everyone to tell him that it’s critical he makes new appointments to this important governing body that is meant to protect the Pines. Governor Christie stacked the Pinelands Commission with pro-development cronies so he could push through dangerous projects including pipelines. When running for Governor, Murphy committed to appoint new Commissioners to the Pinelands Commission who will work to protect the people and environment of New Jersey! That’s why we’re asking you to write to Governor Murphy and remind him of his commitment!

Governor Christie had stacked the Commission with pro-fossil fuel advocates who approved these projects against the will of the people in the Pines and across New Jersey. South Jersey Gas (SJG) and New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) are both trying to push through gas pipelines by getting around the Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP). Current Executive Director of the Commission Wittenberg has exceeded her authority to approve these dangerous pipelines against the wishes of the people and the protections of the Pinelands. We need Murphy to appoint Commissioners who will vote to protect the Pines from hazardous infrastructure such as these.

The most recent sell-out by the Pinelands Commission was for the DEP’s plan to clear-cut 16 acres of forest. The Commission didn’t have enough votes to approve the plan but also didn’t have enough votes to deny it, meaning it now goes to the courts. Their reasoning is to clear a view from the fire tower. However, there is plenty of technology to allow a better view that doesn’t include cutting down the very forest they’re trying to protect from fires in the first place.

One of the most important reasons we need to have new members on the Pinelands Commission is to protect this environmentally-sensitive areas from fossil fuel infrastructure. Right now, New Jersey is being threatened with dozens of gas and oil pipelines. We need everyone to ask Governor Murphy to make appoints to the Council and he Commission who will vote against these dangerous projects and instead act to protect our natural resources!

Thanks for all you do!

NJ Sierra Club


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Protect Pinelands with New Appointments to Commission!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to uphold your commitment to make better appointments to the Pinelands Commission. While Governor, Christie appointed people who work against the interest of New Jersey's environment and communities. We need to replace them with those who will stand up for the Pinelands and vote to protect our drinking water from damaging development and pipelines.

The Pinelands is being threatened with overdevelopment and especially by dangerous fossil fuel projects including multiple pipelines. This infrastructure will interfere with your goal for 100% clean energy by 2050. We need Commissioners who will vote against these unneeded and dangerous projects! Please make more appointments to the Pinelands Commission of people who will do their job and protect New Jersey's natural resources.

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