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Ask Murphy to Protect the Highlands with New Appointments to the Council!

The Highlands are under attack by proposed power plants, development, and even some of its own Council members. Governor Murphy has the opportunity to protect the Highlands by making new appointments to the Council. We need you everyone to tell him that it’s critical he makes new appointments to this important governing body that is meant to protect the region. Governor Christie stacked the Highlands Council with pro-development cronies so he could push through dangerous projects. When running for Governor, Murphy committed to appoint new members to the Highlands Council will work to protect the people and environment of New Jersey! That’s why we’re asking you to write to Governor Murphy and remind him of his commitment!

One of the most important reasons we need to have new members on the Highlands Council is to protect this environmentally-sensitive area from over-development. Right now, there is a proposed power plant on the Musconetcong River. The DEP has granted Phoenix Energy Center LLC approval for a redevelopment exemption from the Highlands Rules for their proposed 663 MW power plant. This power plant would be a dagger into the heart of the Highlands. It would threaten drinking water in the entire Delaware Watershed with pollution. We need Highlands Councilmembers who stand up against power plants and other threats to the Highlands region!

He’s been Governor for almost nine months and is still letting Christie’s appointments try to weaken Highlands appointments. While the new Chair of the Highlands Council is a good choice, other members including the Vice Chair are still pushing for more development and changing the Highlands RMP. This would make it easier to change the Master Plan to push through bad development projects in the Highlands without public oversight or participation. We need everyone to ask Governor Murphy to make appoints to the Council who will vote against these dangerous projects and instead act to protect our natural resources!

Thanks for all you do!

NJ Sierra Club


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Protect Highlands with New Appointments to the Council!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to uphold your commitment to make appointments to the Highlands Council. While Governor, Christie appointed people who work against the interest of New Jersey's environment and communities. We need to replace them with those who will stand up for the Highlands and communities who get their drinking water from the region by voting to protect the region.

The Highlands is being threatened with overdevelopment and projects like the proposed power plants, as well as proposed changed to the RMP. All of this will interfere with your goal for 100% clean energy by 2050. Please make more appointments to the Highlands Council of people who will do their job and protect New Jersey's natural resources.

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