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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am asking you to please deny Transco's application for a Freshwater Wetland Permit and associated water permits. The impacts to wetlands and waterways from this infrastructure would be heightened with worsening storm surges and climate effects including sea level rise. The applications have failed to examine the additional threats and effects from worsening climate change, rising sea levels, and increased storm events. Additionally, it does not properly measure or evaluate secondary or cumulative impacts from connected and surrounding infrastructure including the connected pipeline that would cross the Raritan Bay.

Compressor stations create air pollution and through air deposition, water pollution, by releasing toxic chemicals and these could leech into nearby wetlands and waterways. These stations experience both scheduled and unscheduled blowdowns which release methane, ethane, MTBEs and other chemicals into the air.

Not only will the construction and operation of this system create environmental concerns and safety hazards, but the people of New Jersey will not receive any of the gas. The fuel would be shipped to New York, leaving New Jersey with nothing but the consequences of the project. We believe that the project will have negative impacts on nearby waterways and communities and is unneeded because it would not supply energy to New Jersey communities.

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