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Ask DEP for Public Hearing on NESE Project!

Ask DEP for Public Hearing on NESE Project!

The Transco NESE Pipeline is back! Even though we had a victory with NJDEP denying NESE’s permits, Transco just reapplied for those same permits.  Transco does not care about our safety, our clean air and water, they just want to put a dangerous compressor station and natural gas pipeline in our backyard and in our bay. The NESE messy is back but we will continue to fight this fossil fuel project until it’s gone.

The NESE pipeline is a dangerous, damaging and unnecessary project that would pollute our waterways, increase greenhouse gases and jeopardize public safety. The project would cause irreparable harm from Franklin Township in Central Jersey through the Raritan Bay all the way to Long Island. Construction would disrupt contaminated sediments along the route and in the bay. The compressor station in Franklin Township would release toxic chemicals such as methane, ethane and MTBEs. The station would also produce industrial runoff of metals such as chromium. This project would not benefit New Jersey in any way, especially since the gas would all go to New York.

The public must have a say in the permit application process. Help us ask DEP to schedule at least two public meetings for more public participation in the process!


  • Ruth Foster
  • Commissioner Catherine McCabe


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Ask DEP for Public Hearing on NESE Project!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am requesting that DEP hold three public hearings on these new permit applications for the NESE Project. In general, the activities associated with these new permit applications involve significant potential environmental impacts. These include (but are not limited to):

Impacts from onshore construction to freshwater wetlands, State open waters, wetland transition areas, and coastal wetlands;

Impacts from offshore construction to benthic species (e.g. shellfish), fish (e.g. sturgeon and flounder), marine mammals (e.g. whales and seals), and offshore water quality (due to the resuspension of contaminated sediments); and

Impacts from stormwater runoff at proposed Compressor Station 206 to surface water quality.

I also request an extension for the public comment deadline on these new permit applications. Although these new permit applications were received by DEP on June 12, 2019, a substantial amount of supplemental materials related to these applications was submitted to DEP on or about June 28, 2019. The standard 30-day deadline for providing public comments starting on July 3, 2019 and ending on August 2, 2019 will not provide adequate time for members of the public to develop and submit meaningful comments to DEP. Consequently, I request that DEP extend the deadline to 60 days to provide additional time for the public to comment.

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