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Ask DEP to Deny Permits for the NESE Project!


DEP is still moving forward with Williams Transco’s permits for their NESE project even though we are in the middle of a health emergency. We are in a time where people are concerned about their family’s health and safety and everything else. Even though Governor Murphy has declared an emergency, the NESE project is still moving forward. Williams Transco just reapplied for the fourth time on permits for their Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project. Transco does not care about our safety, our clean air and water, they just want to put a dangerous compressor station and natural gas pipeline in our backyard and in our bay.

The NESE project is a dangerous, damaging and unnecessary project that would pollute our waterways, increase greenhouse gases and jeopardize public safety. The project would cause irreparable harm from Franklin Township in Central Jersey through the Raritan Bay all the way to Long Island.

The NESE pipeline project’s path would cut across numerous contaminated sites as well as 2 Superfund sites, the Raritan Bay Slag and Higgins Farm sites, into the Raritan Bay. Construction of the pipeline will disrupt contaminated sediment, releasing buried toxins such as arsenic, lead and PCBs. Those toxins will impact human health and marine life. Arsenic causes a variety of cancers in humans. Lead causes neurologic impairment, especially in children. More than 90% of human exposure to dangerous PCBs is through food, including fish and shellfish.

The compressor station in Franklin Township would release toxic chemicals such as methane, ethane and MTBEs. The station would also produce industrial runoff of metals such as chromium. Stormwater runoff impacts from the compressor station will also have harmful impacts. The station will release chromium, benzene and hydrocarbons into industrial stormwater runoff that will increase pollution and flooding in an area already plagued by flooding. 

This project would not benefit New Jersey in any way, especially since the gas would all go to New York. We need everyone to tell the NJDEP that they must deny Transco permits to build this dangerous project that would create air and water pollution and safety concerns! Public comments have been extended to DEP by May 7th. If you are able to, we hope you can comment.



  • NJ Department of Environmental Protection
  • Commissioner Catherine McCabe


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to request action from the NJDEP on Transco's proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE). I urge the DEP to deny Williams Transco's permit applications, including all Land Use Management and Coastal Use Management permits.

This project would not benefit New Jersey in any way since the gas would all go to New York. Instead, we would be faced with all of the safety and environmental consequences. I am hoping that you will continue to diligently review the new application material and hold Transco fully accountable to New Jersey's laws and regulations protecting our water and other natural resources.

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