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All funds from our Wish List program help support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats for all species at the Zoo and Safari Park, as well as needed hospital equipment, and you can even help sponsor one of our current conservation projects!


Click here for more information about Team Kalluk -- One Snowball

Team Kalluk -- One Snowball
Kalluk has a BIG challenge: his snowball fight opponent is super cute, a media darling, and has only $4K to raise to fund his giant panda snow day, as opposed to the $6K he needs (his habitat is much larger), to get his snow hill delivered to Prebys Polar Bear Plunge. No worries! Kalluk has a few unique aces up his sleeve. A: Although not a panda, he still has a global entourage of supporters. B: His shy guy personality (he is afraid of thunder) makes us all melt! And C: Our polar king is so SoCal, actually preferring kale and romaine lettuce over meat any day. For each $5 donation you make toward Kalluk's snow day, a "snowball" will be added to his snow goal of $6,000 (our cost to bring in snow for our polar friends).


Click here for more information about Team Wu -- One Snowball

Team Wu -- One Snowball
This month our famous bear boys--Mr. Wu, our strapping young giant panda, and Kalluk, our resident polar bear king--are going paw-to-paw against each other in a snowball challenge! For each $5 donation you make to Team Wu, a "snowball" will be added toward his snow goal of $4,000 (our cost to bring in snow for our panda friends). Who will be "king of the snow hill" first? You get to decide as we try to raise the funds they will need to make it snow at the Zoo!


Click here for more information about Our Fearless "Sharer," Aisha

Our Fearless "Sharer," Aisha
"What's yours is mine" is Aisha's--our 18-month-old orangutan--motto nowadays. This past year, she has really outgrown her shyness and has become an adventurous, fearless, and adorable young great ape. She is always up for anything that mom Inda is eating. When Inda is enjoying lettuce and bananas, or Aisha's favorite, grapes--our little daredevil is always close by to capitalize on any opportunity to "share" with her mom. Gifts of $9 will help our Nutritional Services team provide special treats for Aisha and her wonderful Zoo and Park animal friends.


Click here for more information about Lucky #11

Lucky #11
Breaking news: Just days ago, our resident hippo mom and dad, Funani and Otis, became parents again! This is baby number 11 for skilled mother Funani. Lucky Zoo visitors will be able to watch mom and calf play, nurse, and nuzzle over the next few months, as she will diligently keep her calf within reach. Once the little one is ready to start playing on his or her own, one of the first things that hippo calves enjoy playing with their giant, underwater Boomer Balls®. Gifts of $11 will go toward supporting enrichment items--like Boomer Balls®--for our animals here at the Zoo and Park.


Click here for more information about Paper, Please, for Joanne

Paper, Please, for Joanne
Catching up with our miracle baby gorilla, Joanne, is a hard thing to do these days at the Safari Park. First, you have to . . well, catch up to her, which is not an easy feat with our busy, confident, little explorer. At just over a year of age, "She is eating everything she can get her little mitts on," says lead gorilla keeper Peggy Sexton. You might also see young Joanne being carried around by her adoptive brother, Frank, who at times likes to hold her for a little longer than she would like. When that happens, she calls for her mom, who comes to her rescue. But for a special treat, Joanne--like most tikes--enjoys the wrapping paper her gifts come in more than the gifts themselves. Every gift of $11 will help us purchase special enrichment items, like gorilla-friendly paper art supplies, for our animal friends.


Click here for more information about Shadow 's Unlikely Best Friend

Shadow 's Unlikely Best Friend
Gregarious, loving, and super sweet are all words that have been used to describe our young wolf pup, Shadow. His overly friendly disposition took us by surprise when he came to us at just three months old. Normally quite timid, wolves tend to take their time getting used to new surroundings and new people. Not our Shadow! From day one he welcomed everyone he met with a wagging tail and big, sloppy puppy kisses. So what was Shadow's favorite toy as a wee pup: an acacia branch! Shadow would spend his day pouncing on, dragging, and attacking his "best friend." At the end of the day, he always "made up" with his beloved acacia branches, pulling them into his bed and snuggling with them throughout the night. Each gift of $14 will help us provide wonderful browse items--like Shadow's acacia--to our Zoo and Park animals.


Click here for more information about A Bed Fit for an Okapi Prince

A Bed Fit for an Okapi Prince
At almost three months old, our little Amaranta is proving to be one curious little okapi calf. When not with Mom and nursing, our little prince is very busy exploring his exhibit, trying to get into all the things that okapi calves should avoid. All that play contributes greatly to Amaranta's favorite pastime: napping on a soft bed of shavings. Each gift of $16 will help us purchase enriching items--like natural bedding for our okapis and their animal friends at the Zoo and Park.


Click here for more information about Chutti's Formula

Chutti's Formula
One of our biggest babies, Chutti, the greater one-horned rhino, could use a little help reaching his weight gain goal. At just over 600 pounds, Chutti consumes 16 rhino-size milk bottles daily, which has him gaining FOUR pounds every day! This translates to almost 9 gallons of formula, or just over 1,100 ounces of formula, every 24 hours! Each $16 donation--which represents a dollar for each of Chutti's daily baby bottles--will help our Nutritional Services team provide the very best for our Zoo and Park little ones.


Click here for more information about Steak for the Lion Cubs

Steak for the Lion Cubs
Now that our four lion cubs at the Park--Evelyn, Marion, Miss Ellen, and Ernie--are 9 months old, nursing is a thing of the past, as meat is always on their mind! Some things haven't changes, though. Evelyn is still the largest and most dominant cub, always staking out the highest point in the exhibit to "lord over" the others. Rumor has it that she even nursed while totally asleep, which helped her gain all her baby weight. Ernie, who started off as the smallest cub, has his personality to thank for making up lost ground. He has always been the most vocal of the cubs, doing everything he can to compete with his three sisters for meals. Now that they are each weigh between 98 to 101 pounds, they each consume just over 3.5 pounds of meat every day! Every $22 gift will help our Nutritional Services team provide meals for our growing cubs and their other friends at the Zoo and Park.


Click here for more information about Our Momma-of-the-Year Nominee

Our Momma-of-the-Year Nominee
We can't talk about babies without giving a shout-out to one of our amazing new moms. We all know that being a parent is not easy, especially for a first-time parent. When our wonderful cheetah, Addison, gave birth to four healthy cubs--two girls and two boys--last July, we knew she would have her paws full. With Mother's Day right around the corner, the cubs--Wgasa, Reu, Pumzika, and Mahala--are starting to think about how to pamper their purr-fect momma. Strangely enough, perfume is the answer! Cheetahs, like many of our animals, love scents to roll in, rub, and even lick. Each donation of $24 will go toward purchasing enriching items--like scents for Addison--for our animals at the Zoo and Park.


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