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All funds from our Wish List program help support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats for all species at the Zoo and Safari Park, as well as needed hospital equipment, and you can even help sponsor one of our current conservation projects!


Click here for more information about Are you ready for your close-up?

Are you ready for your close-up?
Zari, our Grant's Zebra ambassador, loves to show off her pearly whites and this spunky girl sure is proud of the hard work that goes into keeping her teeth this beautiful! Thanks to her trainers--and a lot of mutual trust, respect, and patience--Zari participates in weekly rasp training. This routine exercise called "floating" keeps her teeth nice and even by removing any overgrowth or sharp points--allowing her to continue properly chewing her food. Your $8 gift could provide dental and training items as well as other useful gadgets and electronics for our keepers at the Zoo and the Safari Park!


Click here for more information about Dashing through the snow!

Dashing through the snow!
It's that time again--time to start building our snowball pile! We need your help to provide snow for the animals in our collection, and once we have enough snowballs, some lucky animals at the Zoo or the Park will receive a winter wonderland! Snow is not a common sight here in San Diego--so I don't know who enjoys it more, the animals who get to romp around in it or the keepers and guests who get to watch their antics! Purchase one snowball for $10 each and you can say that you helped animals at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park experience the magic of snow throughout the year!


Click here for more information about Making spirits bright!

Making spirits bright!
Our teams of veterinarians, technicians, and hospital keepers are ready for anything--and you can help keep them prepared by providing some of the most popular (and well-used) items. Whether it is a dog bed that got shredded by a temperamental tiger cub who doesn't know his own strength or it is a stethoscope that was mistaken by a macaw for a chew toy during a routine exam--our hospital staff always appreciates some replacements and updated items. Your gift of $12 will show your support for our animal care teams at the Zoo and Safari Park and ensure that they stay well stocked and ready for 2017!


Click here for more information about Good tools--great job!

Good tools--great job!
In order to do the job right you need the right tool for the job--and our enrichment volunteers at the BEE-hive strongly believe that! Special requests from our keepers and the specific needs of the animals (such as our penguins) keep our enrichment volunteers on their toes--they never know what they'll need to build! Supplies (such as stainless-steel hardware, drill bits, and grinders) get used up quickly, so our "handy" men and women find themselves needing more of the right tools. Your $17 donation will go toward these tools and other popular supplies for our "BEE-hives" at the Zoo and Safari Park.


Click here for more information about You've lost that fuzzy feeling!

You've lost that fuzzy feeling!
After a blanket has lost its "super soft and fuzzy" feel it gets retired--looking back fondly on the times it spent cuddling with newborns and in the later, less fluffy stages, getting tossed around in a game of tug-of-war with some frisky felines. Once upon a time--when blankets, plush toys, and other "luxury" enrichment items had reached their retirement point--keepers and trainers sometimes dug into their own pockets to purchase replacements. But not anymore, thanks to your support! Gifts of $23 will help them maintain the variety of enrichment items offered to the animals at the Zoo and Safari Park!


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