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All funds from our Wish List program help support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats for all species at the Zoo and Safari Park, as well as needed hospital equipment, and you can even help sponsor one of our current conservation projects!


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The Birthday "Sheilas"
G'Day! This month's Down Under-themed Wish List features two of our favorite waddling girls, or "sheilas," as our Aussie friends would say. Phoenix and Belle, at four years young, are our common wombat ladies here at the Zoo. Their wish this month is to put their best digging skills to use with a huge pile of fresh mulch. Donations of $8 can help us fund much-needed enrichment for our animals, like mulch for our birthday girls!


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Kiwi "Goodies"
Here at the San Diego Zoo, we have two breeding pairs of New Zealand's oddest bird: the kiwi. When you think of a bird, what comes to mind: wings, flying, feathers, a beak? As kiwis don't have functional wings, flying is not something you will see these ground dwellers doing. Our foursome use their beaks to do one of their favorite things, smelling for "goodies." Putting scents throughout their habitat is one of the best ways to enrich the homes of these flightless avian wonders. Gifts of $11 can help purchase scents so our keepers can sprinkle them on our Zoo and Park animals' favorite toys.


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Our "Beaut": Matilda
If you were Down Under, you might say that kookaburras are "ear bashers," or talk too much. Their distinctive call, known as the bushman's alarm clock because they commence their serenade at 4 a.m., is unmistakable. Here at the Zoo, our kookaburra songster, Matilda, has more than just a great voice. She also happens to be "beaut," very good looking, which is evident by the time she spends in front of her mirror admiring her plumage! Gifts of $14 will help fund mirrors and other enrichment items for our attractive animals here at the Zoo and Park!


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Making Echidnas as "Happy as Harry"
Our two female echidnas, Dilly and Piney, along with their male counterparts (or "cobbers"), have a weakness. No, it is not shrimps on the barbie. To make an echidna as "Happy as Harry," as our Aussie friends might say (or extremely happy), a handful of wax worms is all they need! Echidnas are one of Australia's most interesting mammal species. These adorable creatures lay eggs and look like a mix between a hedgehog and a porcupine. Donations of $15 will help our Nutritional Services team provide special treats to our Zoo and Park animals.


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"Bunny Rug" for Tinka
If you remember back to the summer of 2011, a miracle happened here at the San Diego Zoo. Tinka, a tiny, hairless, parma wallaby newborn (that weighed only 71 grams, or 2 ounces, at birth), was found distressed and cold on the floor. Over the course of the previous night, she had accidentally been ejected from her mother's pouch. Our San Diego Zoo Animal Care Unit rushed into action to save this tiny joey. To help her survive, we acquired an artificial, soft-fabric pouch--or a "bunny rug," as our Aussie friends might say--to help her feel warm, safe and secure. Today, Tinka is thriving and a true example of how miracles can happen. Gifts of $17 will help fund items like the pouch we used for Tinka to help our youngest residents through tough times.


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Special "Tucker" for Whom?
We have three New Guinea singing dogs at the Zoo: Montana, our 13-year-old senior and leader of the pack; Piccolo, our outgoing 5-year-old pup; and his littermate and brother, Zildjan, who is a little more timid. Which one of these three would you guess needs a little more TLC from our vets on a regular basis? It is not who you think! Montana, even at her age, is the picture of health. Her two younger counterparts, on the other hand, have more sensitive bellies. Each donation of $20 will help our veterinary staff take care of animals like Piccolo and Zildjan by providing them with special food, or "tucker," to ensure they are feeling their best each and every day!


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Pouch Watch 2015
This time of year, the koala joey birth watch is in full force here at our new Conrad Prebys Australian Outback, while we all wait eagerly to see how many little ones the stork brings our way! To help our pregnant momma koalas as much as we can, we give them a daily nutritional supplement specially designed for their needs. Donations of $21 will help our Nutritional Services team support our Zoo and Park mothers-to-be when they need us most!


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Devilish "Prezzies"
Nick, Jake, Conrad, and our feisty Debbie form our resident Tasmanian devil family here at the San Diego Zoo. Forget working on their beach tans: our devilish group is less into the toned look and more into . . . well . . . MORE! Their favorite "prezzies," or presents, are tasty mice and maybe the odd fish. Gifts of $25 will help our Nutritional Services team stock our Zoo and Park critters' kitchens with their favorite treats.


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Midnight Skinny-Dipping Aussie-Style
Being a kiwi isn't easy: you're a bird, but you can't fly. Unlike your avian friends, you are nocturnal. So what do kiwis enjoy? Midnight dips at the local mud wallow! Each gift of $100 will help our keepers provide extra-special treats, like forming a mud pool "spa" for our Zoo and Park animals.


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Okapi Forest
I know what you are thinking: okapis are not from Australia! Well, you are right, but if you have some "big bickies," as our Aussie friends might say, or a little extra money this month, we have some big needs for our okapi friends at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. These "sooks," or shy, gentle animals, are native to the dense rain forests in Africa's Congo River Basin. Our okapis at the Park would like nothing more than a forest of their own. Each tree for their individual habitats comes fully equipped with its own personal irrigation system and costs $1,800. We could surely use 10 of them to help create a wonderful okapi forest at the Safari Park!


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