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All funds from our Wish List program help support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats for all species at the Zoo and Safari Park, as well as needed hospital equipment, and you can even help sponsor one of our current conservation projects!


Click here for more information about Team Kalluk - One Snowball!

Team Kalluk - One Snowball!
Kalluk is getting close to hosting a "winter white" party for his favorite two gals, Tatqiq and Chinook. So far, Kalluk has raised $3,520 toward his goal of $6,000 (the cost of a polar bear snow day) as of July 1. For each $5 donation you make toward Kalluk's snow day, a "snowball" will be added to his goal. Go Team Kalluk! Quantity: 496 snowballs needed!


Click here for more information about Tiger Toys

Tiger Toys
A little can go a long way with our three tiger brothers here at the San Diego Zoo. Each gift of $12 can go toward purchasing enriching toys for our tigers and their friends.


Click here for more information about Snow Leopard Fun

Snow Leopard Fun
Our three snow leopards are ready for some summer fun with one of their favorite items: a bale of hay. Each gift can help us fund enriching items like this for our snow leopards and their other Zoo friends!


Click here for more information about Jaguar Treats

Jaguar Treats
With all this talk about tigers and leopards, our growing jaguar family here at the Zoo wants to get in on the action. Every gift of $26 can help provide enriching toys for our wonderful jaguar family and our other Zoo and Park animals.


Click here for more information about Lavendar Fields Forever for Tigers

Lavendar Fields Forever for Tigers
Now picture your home: you have a son, a teenager, meaning that the fridge is always open, and because of that, almost always empty. Now add two younger brothers into the mix! This is pretty much what happened earlier this year when our resident male tiger Connor's two younger brothers arrived at the Zoo. With the boys going through food, toys, and scents as fast as you might think, we could use your help stocking their scent-and-spice cabinet with some of their favorites (lavender is one of them). Quantity needed: 1


Click here for more information about Bob the Builder, But for Cats

Bob the Builder, But for Cats
Our four new Asian leopard habitats are in great need of a few stainless steel tool racks to help the keepers properly store all of the tools-of-the-trade needed specifically for each of the big cat areas. Quantity needed: 3


Click here for more information about Big Brother's Special Toy

Big Brother's Special Toy
With the recent arrival of Connor's two younger brothers to our tiger habitat here at the Zoo, everyone is "ooohing" and "awwwwing" over the "kids." As in any family, older siblings sometimes feel left out. We would love to get Connor a new giant tiger Weebles toy, one that he won't have to share with his brothers! Quantity needed: 1


Click here for more information about BIG Fun for Tigers

BIG Fun for Tigers
One of the toys that we have found our tigers enjoy most is a huge bungee pull toy that is suspended from a tree. As we now have two tiger yards here at the Zoo, we would love to add one of these to the new space for our two young tiger brothers. Quantity needed: 1


Click here for more information about Asian Leopard Scale

Asian Leopard Scale
In order to ensure that our leopards are healthy and happy, taking routine measurements is important. We would love to add a permanent, in-ground big scale to their care facility for their keepers to use. Quantity needed: 1


Click here for more information about Toy Chest for Asian Leopards

Toy Chest for Asian Leopards
If all of our cats' toy wishes come true on this month's Wish List (paws crossed!), we will need a toy-making and storage unit to house all their new things. Think of it as a REALLY big, walk-in toy chest. Quantity needed: 1


Click here for more information about Leopard Nursery - Tenatively Funded (Wahoo!)

Leopard Nursery - Tenatively Funded (Wahoo!)
With the world population of Amur and snow leopards still on the decline, it is our hope to help rescue these species by doing all we can to increase their numbers. In order to get ready for the future, we need to get the Asian leopard maternity den ready for cubs! For more information on this item, please call 619-557-3914. Quantity needed: 1 (This item is tentatively funded!)


Click here for more information about Aisha - Our Fearless "Sharer"

Aisha - Our Fearless "Sharer"
"What's yours is mine" is Aisha's--the Zoo's 2-year-old orangutan--motto nowadays. This past year, she has really outgrown her shyness and has become an adventurous, fearless, and adorable young great ape. She is always up for anything that mom Inda is eating. When Inda is enjoying lettuce and bananas--or Aisha's favorite, grapes--our little daredevil is always close by to capitalize on any opportunity to "share" with her mom! Gifts of $9 will help our Nutritional Services team provide special treats for Aisha and her wonderful Zoo and Park animal friends.


Click here for more information about Devi - Lucky #11

Devi - Lucky #11
Our resident female hippo, Funani, is a mom for the 11th time! Devi, who was born at the end of March, is a very curious calf. Lucky Zoo visitors will be able to watch mom and calf play, nurse, and nuzzle over the next few months, as she will diligently keep her calf within reach. Once Devi is ready to start playing on her own, she will enjoy playing with her giant, underwater Boomer Balls®. Gifts of $11 will go toward supporting enrichment items--like Boomer Balls®--for our animals here at the Zoo and Park.


Click here for more information about Shadow's BFF

Shadow's BFF
Gregarious, loving, and super sweet are all words that have been used to describe our young wolf, Shadow. His overly friendly disposition took us by surprise when he came to us at just three months old. Normally quite timid, wolves tend to take their time getting used to new surroundings and new people. Not our Shadow! From day one he welcomed everyone he met with a wagging tail and big, sloppy puppy kisses. So what was Shadow's favorite toy as a wee pup: an acacia branch! Shadow would spend his day pouncing on, dragging, and attacking his "best friend." At the end of the day, he always "made up" with his beloved acacia branches, pulling them into his bed and snuggling with them throughout the night. Each gift of $14 will help us provide wonderful enriching items like Shadow's acacia to our Zoo and Park animals.


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