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All funds from our Wish List program help support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats for all species at the Zoo and Safari Park, as well as needed hospital equipment, and you can even help sponsor one of our current conservation projects!


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Frozen Fun for Most
It's that time again--time to build another snowball pile! Snow is not a common sight here in San Diego, so I don't know who enjoys it more, the animals that get to romp around in it or the keepers and guests who get to watch their antics! But we always put our horticulture crew's mind at ease by taking special care of the plants and making sure they don't get covered with the fun frozen stuff. To quote one of our gardeners, "Plants have feelings, too!" When you purchase one snowball for $10 each, you can say you helped animals (and protected plants) at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park experience the magic of snow throughout the year!


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Wanted: Perfect Plant Parts
As keepers, when a veterinarian asks, "Can you track down this specific part of this certain type of plant to stimulate this particular patient's appetite?"--who do we call? Horticulture, of course! We are lucky to have such a beautiful bounty of edible plants grown at the Zoo and Safari Park and around San Diego County, so when a very special request is sent through our Horticulture Department to our browse crew, we are able to get that plant to that patient in a short amount of time. Special plants are paired with other much-used items at our veterinary hospitals to perk up our patients, and your gift of $13 will help support our animal care teams at the Zoo and Safari Park to get those patients back on their feet--whether they have two or four of them!


Click here for more information about Upside Down or Downside Up?

Upside Down or Downside Up?
One of the newest members of our furry family is a young two-toed sloth--born at the Zoo just a few months ago in October! It is still a secret whether this sweet baby is a boy or a girl, but what's not a secret is that this sloth likes to hang out. Our enrichment volunteers are up for the challenge to make a sloth playpen where the baby can feel safe but also have its food served in a very special way--upside down! Just another example of how your $17 gift will help our volunteers at the BEE-hive--that special area designated for Building Environmental Enrichment--continue creating new items to keep our animals active and entertained at the Zoo and Safari Park!


Click here for more information about Take a Bough

Take a Bough
When a tree falls, it is not who hears it but who gets to it first! Our tree specialists keep an eye on our leafy residents and schedule preventive trimming days--these are magical days for keepers because it means new items for the animals! Our bears and big cats might get the tree's root ball or large sections of the tree trunk to explore; our primates get the medium branches for climbing; and our birds love the little ends of branches for perching. So the next time you are here, pay close attention, because Leslie and Kokamo might just be doubly enriched by a new locally grown piece of furniture while playing with the puzzle feeder you provided! We appreciate your gift of $21 as it will continue to provide the animals at the Zoo and Safari Park with a variety of enrichment items!


Click here for more information about We Dig Plants

We Dig Plants
Our devoted scientists, horticulture staff, and volunteers recently planted 1,000 native grass seedlings as part of a habitat restoration project for the endangered Stephens' kangaroo rat at the Southwestern Riverside County Multispecies Reserve. In 2010, 150 kangaroo rats were relocated to the site to save this species endemic to San Diego and Riverside counties. The translocation has been successful, already doubling the population of this 4-inch-long rodent but our staff continues to monitor the kangaroo rat and other very small and very nocturnal creatures! Your gift of $24 could provide night-vision cameras as well as other useful gadgets and electronics for our keepers at the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park!


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