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All funds from our Wish List program help support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats for all species at the Zoo and Safari Park, as well as needed hospital equipment, and you can even help sponsor one of our current conservation projects!


Click here for more information about Who Doesn't Love Snow?

Who Doesn't Love Snow?
Here in San Diego we have been seeing our fair share of chilly weather and rain recently, and even though some of our animals aren't fans of the cold weather, they never say no to snow! We would love to provide more snow for the animals and once we have enough snowballs, some lucky animals at the Zoo or the Park will receive a winter wonderland! Purchase one snowball for $10 each and you can say that you helped animals at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park experience the magic of snow!


Click here for more information about Oh, the Places He'll Go!

Oh, the Places He'll Go!
Our greater one-horned rhino calf, named Taj--meaning "crown" or "jewel" in Hindi--made his debut at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park last month. Since his November 10, 2016 birth, Taj and his mom, Tanaya had been in the boma--a protected area away from other animals--to properly bond with each other while under the watchful eye of our attentive animal care and veterinary staff. Taj is now curiously exploring his new habitat, playing in mud wallows, and meeting his neighbors face-to-face! Show your support for our veterinary animal care teams at the Zoo and Safari Park by giving a $15 gift today!


Click here for more information about Play with Your Food!

Play with Your Food!
A smart and sassy little Andean bear named Alba came to the Zoo late last spring. Working on food puzzles is just one of the ways this two-year-old spends her time. Inquisitive by nature, the busy Andean bear is always looking for new challenges. According to her keepers, Alba is cautious around new things, but once she makes up her mind, she loves to test things by taking them apart, hopping on them, and even throwing them! Your gift of $20 will go toward puzzle feeders and more fun enrichment items for Alba and her friends at the Zoo and the Safari Park!


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