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All funds from our Wish List program help support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats for all species at the Zoo and Safari Park, as well as needed hospital equipment, and you can even help sponsor one of our current conservation projects!


Click here for more information about Aisha - Our Fearless "Sharer"

Aisha - Our Fearless "Sharer"
"What's yours is mine" is Aisha's--the Zoo's 2-year-old orangutan--motto nowadays. This past year, she has really outgrown her shyness and has become an adventurous, fearless, and adorable young great ape. She is always up for anything that mom Inda is eating. When Inda is enjoying lettuce and bananas--or Aisha's favorite, grapes--our little daredevil is always close by to capitalize on any opportunity to "share" with her mom! Gifts of $9 will help our Nutritional Services team provide special treats for Aisha and her wonderful Zoo and Park animal friends.


Click here for more information about Devi - Lucky #11

Devi - Lucky #11
Our resident female hippo, Funani, is a mom for the 11th time! Devi, who was born at the end of March, is a very curious calf. Lucky Zoo visitors will be able to watch mom and calf play, nurse, and nuzzle over the next few months, as she will diligently keep her calf within reach. Once Devi is ready to start playing on her own, she will enjoy playing with her giant, underwater Boomer Balls®. Gifts of $11 will go toward supporting enrichment items--like Boomer Balls®--for our animals here at the Zoo and Park.


Click here for more information about Primates On Parade

Primates On Parade
The Zoo's group of 6 female squirrel monkeys really gets around! Like all squirrel monkeys, they are capable of clinging to smooth vertical surfaces, are very active, and very curious. Keepers are constantly moving the perches and improving the exhibit, so an abundance of grapevines and new hardware is always needed. These changes allow our lovely ladies to make new choices as they forage and move through their exhibit--for which they are thankful! Every $12 donation will go toward helping enrich the life of these precious monkeys and other animals at the Zoo and Safari Park!


Click here for more information about All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small
Although these little guys don't get much fanfare, one must admire their work ethic. Our colony of naked mole-rats is always busy, constantly organizing their living quarters into chambers (toilet, feeding, nesting). They have been quite prolific, and the colony protects their precious young ones by keeping them hidden. Keepers do not disturb the nest but do make sure there is always a cornucopia of goodies to feed the growing colony. Your $13 donation could help fund various nutrition items for all the animals at the Zoo and Safari Park!


Click here for more information about Shadow's BFF

Shadow's BFF
Gregarious, loving, and super sweet are all words that have been used to describe our young wolf, Shadow. His overly friendly disposition took us by surprise when he came to us at just three months old. Normally quite timid, wolves tend to take their time getting used to new surroundings and new people. Not our Shadow! From day one he welcomed everyone he met with a wagging tail and big, sloppy puppy kisses. So what was Shadow's favorite toy as a wee pup: an acacia branch! Shadow would spend his day pouncing on, dragging, and attacking his "best friend." At the end of the day, he always "made up" with his beloved acacia branches, pulling them into his bed and snuggling with them throughout the night. Each gift of $14 will help us provide wonderful enriching items like Shadow's acacia to our Zoo and Park animals.


Click here for more information about Hay Isn't Just For Horses

Hay Isn't Just For Horses
All of our hoofed creatures enjoy their mealtime, but some enjoy it a little too much! The installation of slow hay feeders encourages better digestion by allowing our animals to "graze" throughout the day--which is a good recommendation for all of us to consider this holiday season! Our animal health staff is thrilled that diet and exercise are on the menu and that your $15 donation could help fund various items for our veterinary hospitals at the Zoo and Safari Park!


Click here for more information about What Big Ears You Have!

What Big Ears You Have!
Our recently introduced fennec fox couple really "digs" each other as well as the treats keepers bury in their exhibit to encourage natural digging behavior. These adorable creatures should give thanks for their pair of amazing ears--they can hear insects walking on sand! When they are not searching the exhibit for new things, Akela (6-year-old female) can be seen cuddling with Oringo (1-year-old male) in a cozy nest box built for two. Your donation of $20 could help fund various enrichment items for all the animals at the Zoo and Safari Park!


Click here for more information about Persnickety Penguin Pair

Persnickety Penguin Pair
Dan and McKinney are the brothers who make up our new precious pair of penguins. These boisterous boys are the first of many African penguins to be welcomed into our collection for our upcoming Africa Rocks exhibit. We are thankful they represent their species so well, although these picky penguins have particular preferences when it comes to the fish they like to gobble up! Each gift of $22 could help us feed our penguins and other animals at the Zoo and Safari Park!


Click here for more information about Give Thanks for the Wildlife Conservancy

Give Thanks for the Wildlife Conservancy
Securing safe habitats. Fighting wildlife traffickers. Tackling disease issues. Preventing inbreeding. Analyzing DNA. Working on solving reproduction issues. These are only a handful of the critically important problems we are dedicated to solve in order to save some of the world's greatest--and most endangered--species. We are happy to say that 100 percent of each $25 will go directly toward helping us support our wildlife conservation efforts for rhinos, pandas, and hundreds of other species that desperately need our help now!


Click here for more information about A Hay Ride--Rhino-Style

A Hay Ride--Rhino-Style
If you have never played with a bale of hay, our rambunctious rhinos highly suggest you give it a whirl! Not only are the bales fun to toss around and lounge on during those rare chilly fall days but, in a pinch, they also make for a lovely snack. Gifts of $28 could help us purchase enriching items--like bales of hay--for our rhinos and their Zoo and Safari Park animal friends!


Click here for more information about Special Care For Our Tiger Cub

Special Care For Our Tiger Cub
A single male Sumatran tiger cub was born September 14 to first-time parents Joanne and Teddy at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Tull Family Tiger Trail. Although Joanne cared for the cub for the first few days, keepers noticed he was losing weight and felt he wasn't receiving the proper care he needed to thrive. The Safari Park's animal care team then made the difficult decision to hand rear the cub. He was moved to the Ione and Paul Harter Animal Care Center at the Safari Park, where he is now being cared for around the clock. Your $45 donation could help support the efforts of our veterinary teams at the Zoo and Safari Park!


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