I ___ for Wildlife

Your Passion, Your Campaign!

You can help bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction worldwide just by turning your passion into action! It's simple—pick an activity, create a fundraising campaign, and ask your friends, family, classmates, and co-workers to support you.

Get Fit

for Wildlife

Run a marathon, enter a surf competition—turn your fitness passion into action!

Go Green

for Wildlife

Help protect wildlife all over the planet while you reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Get Festive

for Wildlife

Throw a party for wildlife, or collect donations instead of gifts for your birthday!

Go Wild

for Wildlife

Use your imagination and fundraise however you like!

Why Help Wildlife?

Wildlife is disappearing

There are over 16,000 plants and animals on the Endangered Species List. Because of habitat loss, disease, and the illegal wildlife trade, tigers, elephants, giant pandas, and many more species are all at risk of extinction. However, with your help, there is hope!

About our work

San Diego Zoo Global has been passionate about wildlife for nearly 100 years. With more than 125 conservation projects in 35 countries across the globe we are saving endangered species worldwide. Create a campaign for wildlife and help us bring species back from the brink of extinction!

100% of the donations you collect will fund San Diego Zoo Global wildlife projects!

Champion Spotlight

Lacey baked for wildlife!

Location: San Diego, CA

Goal: $350

Raised: $545

Favorite Wildlife Species: Snow leopard

Lacey says: "I truly enjoyed participating in I ___ for Wildlife. I recruited several friends to help, and together we baked for wildlife! It was fun to watch everything come together for the bake sale, and those who participated (baking or buying) enjoyed supporting an amazing program. Of course, the baked goods were also enjoyed by all—especially the s'mores bars, amazing chocolate cupcakes, and the mini cheesecakes."

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More Ways to Help

Want to support your friend's I ____ For Wildlife Campaign? Looking for another way to support San Diego Zoo Global's mission to save species from extinction?
Southern White Rhino Calf Kayode

Donate to a Participant

Help your favorite wildlife advocate meet their I ____ For Wildlife Campaign goal by donating here!

Sumatran Tiger

Become a Wildlife Hero

Provide a consistent and reliable source of funding for our wildlife fieldwork and scientific research!